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Guest aldehyde

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Guest aldehyde

Hiya everyone!

I've been following WoT for over a decade and finally finished the last book a few hours ago. I've read books 1-11 several times but took a break after KoD and just kept delaying reading the next installments. When aMoL was released earlier this year, I decided to re-read everything and refresh my memories, and finally tackle the RB + BS books. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the characters [and how often certain things annoyed me, heh] but now that I'm finally done, it's definitely a very bittersweet feeling.


I figured I'd stop lurking around the forum and finally join so I could participate in discussions, and come to terms with the fact that this journey is finally over.


So, hello :)




PS: Any recommendations for new books and/or series would be much appreciated!

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