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tomorrow i leave walmart..

Moon Sedai

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walmart is evil incarnate...let your deepest, darkest fantasies be fulfilled...within the limits of the law, of course.


i left a similarly large company because i was treated poorly. corporate walmart will never notice your absence so make it as hard as possible on the person who caused your grief. i did a whole bunch of work for the annual inventory event, then i shredded it on inventory eve and quit. i don't know how the @$$hole GM dealt with the problem...all i know is that it turned out to be the positive turning point of my life.


damn the man...

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As someone who is still working for that place, my advice to you is:  Run. Run far, and run fast. If you can get out, then do it. I wish you all the best.


But don't burn the bridge behind you. You never know when you might have to go crawling back. I hope you never have to, but keep the option open.


(I'm sorry that I had to butt in there. I saw "WalMart" and couldn't resist.)  :)

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YAY for leaving the wally-world behind! Don't burn the bridges. You never know how far back a future company may go in checking references-and sometimes it looks better to have left a positive impression with the job you hated. You can used it when they ask that annoying interview question about how you deal with things in the work place when they don't go your way. You put up with it until you couldn't take it anymore. Then you left with grace.

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