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I think the promise in this system is with sports and strategy games (the touch pad to implement plays an army movements) the screen to give control of individual players or units. I am hoping the Nintendo is waiting to show the true power of the Wii-U until after its too late for Micro and Sony to do anything to counter

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You know, it's a common misconception that Nintendo isn't for hardcore gamers and that they only cater to the causal/young crowd.

Their first party stuff does absolutely but the third party nets you most of the bigger titles you'd see on other consoles anyway. 

Resident Evil, Assassins Creed, Batman Arkam series, etc


I think those sorts of titles are lacking on the Wii U right now but they were there for the Wii they just got overshadowed by things like Wii Sports lol

IIRC Nintendo announced a bunch of third party games that aare upcoming during E3 though

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Well yeah that's true. They're taking waaaaaaaaaaaay too long to get the games pumping out.

I wonder if maybe they're trying to hold back a bit so when the PS4 and X1 are released they can compete with them instead of taking the early lead and then having nothing to offer when the two other shiny new toys come out.

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I tried out a few of the more serious games for the Wii (Farcry and Dead Space) and I cant feel comfortable with the controls.  Maybe they were just poorly done games, but i dont think the Wii setup is good for shooters.  Zelda is great though.

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