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How come there's no thread for this?! lol.


I just saw it today (I harrassed my local cinema to put it up in English), and OMG it was amaaazing. Fine, the story is a bit thin. Bad guys want to destroy the forest, tiny little leaf people want to preserve it. Cue epic battles, especially when a human girl gets drawn in.


But omg... It was so beautiful. It's the most astonishing thing I've seen. I thought Avatar would be the most beautiful animated thing I've ever seen. Not so. Epic is way past that. The light, and the movements, and the feel of it... I don't have words really. It felt like sitting in the forest. It's also got a great humour, and the music is brilliant (of course, Daniel Elfman has the soundtrack). It's made from the same people who made Ice Age and Rio :happy: So of course they've already shown they can do humour. But this movie had some moments where I truly LOLed, so much unexpected funnies. And who would have thought a slug could actually be cute and charming?














Can't wait for it to get on DVD so I can see it again! I saw it in 3D, wich I usually don't do because it's hell on my migraines, but my cinema only put it up in 3D. And I'm glad I did; the 3D effect was used like it should in a movie like this; a subtle effect to enchance what's already beautiful. Aaah. I wanna see it again right now!

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