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Robert Jordan was very clear in that he did not want a shared world / expanded universe scenario with the Wheel of Time, and Harriet (editor, wife, and holder of the rights to the series) and the publisher have also made it clear they want to follow his wishes. It wasn't until just before his death that RJ decided he'd be comfortable with another author just finishing the series -- he originally claimed/joked that if he died before it was finished all the notes should be burned. I'm content with what we have.


He only gave his OK to finish the series a week before he died. 


It sucks that he forbade any prequels.  A Tam book, or series, would have been cool. 

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I would have loved the prequels if they were written by RJ. I would probably have looked forward to them as much as AMoL. I also loved New Spring for the freshness of a new angle at some of my favorite chars and a new look at parts of Randland some years before. If I remember correctly, RJ had planned a prequel about the hunt for Rand leading up to Moiraine's arrival in Emond's Field, and the other about Tam's adventures in the Aiel War. I could have accepted those if written by Brandon too (if approved by Harriet) but only from detailed notes prepared by RJ. And since those notes don't exist we'll never get to see them anyway and I don't see much point in arguing about what they would have been like. 

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