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  1. Star Wars was turned over to some great authors and some great stories ensued. WoT should do the same.
  2. Will there be anyone taking this world and these characters and telling the next stories? Star Wars has continued in a lot of different mediums. Successfully so. Here's hoping. Anyone know if there are plans?
  3. Wow. Just finished. Totally thrilled with the story as a whole. Glad and sad I've now reached the end. I realized recently that WoT has been in my life for longer than it hasn't. And now it's come to an end. Weird. I thought the Sanderson books reclaimed the amazing energy the first six books had. I feel Jordan could have put books 7-11 into about two books. The pace slowed down SO much I found it difficult to keep the excitement level up. However, these last few books really picked it up. I couldn't put them down. This was a great story. The Last Battle chapter...intense.
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