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Gray Ajah Midsummer Festival: Summer Crafts


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So picture the scene: it's a lovely warm day, clear sky and sunshine and a gentle breeze.


You are sitting outside, enjoying the weather (wearing appropriate sun protection of course!) but with nothing to do! You have finished A Memory of Light and your new book won't arrive for a couple of days yet. What will you do with yourself?


Never fear, cos Via is here!


I'm going to be posting some crafty, summery ideas to keep you occupied, and hopefully be a bit inspired.


Feel free to post your ideas and thoughts here to!


Check back a bit later for the first idea!

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The first thing you could do is stone painting.

What do you need? Paints, brushes, stones from the garden, and maybe some sort of sealent / varnish.


I used to love doing this when I was younger: routing round in the garden for a stone that was flat, or round, or an interesting shape, and having at it as some paint!


Here's some ideas for you:

some juicy looking strawberries



I love this idea, and will be doing some as plant markers in my garden




or how about something a little bit more Wheel of Time-ish?




You could use them as decorations for your home or garden, paint one with a friend in mind, or put some messages on for when you are needing a lift




So what are you waiting for - grab some stones and paint!



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I'm thinking something very opaque, some sort of acrylic paint maybe.

the more I think of it the more I think a varnish would be essential, to prevent any accidents messing up your art.

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Good idea Gud - you could have fruity oulines and things!


Ok, todays activity is a reallllllly long picture, cos it's a step by stem of how to make a cool summer top out of an ordinary sleaveless t-shirt


You need scissors, needle and thread and maybe a pencil if you want to lightly mark out what you're doing.


In summary, you cut strips in the back, which when you twist them form 'ribs' that you attach to the 'spine of your top made with the middle of the t-shirt that has been plaited.


That's quite a confusing description, it's much clearer in  the photos!




I would probably make it out of a cheap supermarket t-shirt, so you can have one in every colour!

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Now this one I think everyone can do - and it's great for kids too! :wink:


Grab a big pack of chalks and some pavement ...... sidewalk...... ground and get drawing.


mark out games, play pictionary, maybe lay a trail for someone to follow or just doodle..... and be sure to take a picture before it gets washed away!


Some inspiration for you!







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Todays idea does involve some sewing (sorry Brid!) but is very cool.


You need old ties, buttons or googly eyes and some stuffing and you wil get...... tie snakes!




I love the idea of tie snakes, but please make sure you use unwanted ties only!

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It's raining today, but in case it is lovely and sunny and warm where you are, and you want some watery fun for the kids to play in, here is an idea.


Garden hose, plus drinks bottle, plus pair of scissors  and a bit of tape gives you:




Home made water sprinkler!

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The final thing for you to do has a bit of sewing again - but not too much I promise!


You take a bag / purse, lots of buttons to stick/sew on and you get:




Which I love! :)

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