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Why I'm cooler than Ithi (Obviously)


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you have proven that you are a true Shadow by your callous act of betrayal. Another who I thought could be trusted is instead added to the list.


And so I shall Release you, piece by piece.


This will be your final Lesson. It will begin with Fire. I will be kind and not use my Angreals, so that I don't accidently kill you :)




Attack: Fire

Damage: 7


Ithillian: 100

RTE: 93



Give it your best shot :wink:

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The only thing I am wanting is to strike you with a weave...


I have prayed to the great lord and he has granted me access to the true power!


Attack: Compulsion

Damage: 0


Ithillian: 100
RTE: 42


Perhaps not my best choice...

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Bwahah hahahahahahahaha


Excellent job Ithi :wub: and you didn't damage your dress. :smile:


Shall we go back to the Palace? it is awfully warm out here today. We can ignore the heat but I prefer it to just be proper weather.


*offers Ithi his arm* :biggrin:  Lovely.


*gives the bedraggled RTE a hotfoot while escorting Ithi away*

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