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Arrested Development


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Gotten through a few more and I have to say that I really enjoyed Tobias' episode 'A New Start' and Michael's episode, 'The B Team.'  The first episode was particularly hard to watch,and just looking at the amount of episodes per individual character, I find it surprising/remarkable and hard to understand why Buster, Maebe, and Lucille only have one episode apiece, while (imo) less-interesting characters like George Sr. and Lindsay have two.  I always thought that Lucille was one of the funnier and more interesting characters, and while George Sr was funny, he wasn't as compelling because he really only cared about sex and escape.

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Upon rewatching the first few episodes stand up much better when you have the whole picture of what everyone else is doing, throw away lines become funnier, Michaels story makes a lot more sense. The best episodes were GOB 1 and 2, Tobias 2 and Mabey 1, IMO.


The show may not be as good as it was, but for my money it is still better then anything else on tv, although Community is pretty good.

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