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[SG Faire: WT & Warders] Aes Sedai thread


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On the talents I'd want Traveling, if I could get from one place to another very fast without having to fly. I'd be happy! I hate flying


On the AS I agree with Blank I don't really know too well what I'd want them to look like. I mean I just got the graphic novel for New Spring and didn't like how any of them looked. *laughs* Lan should look better since he's younger in that novel. Plus he inspires ladies to lust after him so he has to be remotely handsome and he's really not in the book.


Anyway actor wise, I like Rachel Weiz as Moraine. I think she'd do a good job.

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Meryl Streep as Cadsuane is one of my favourites too. I think she'll do it amazingly. And


For Moiraine I like Sarah Brightman:







Anyone have any ideas for Sheriam?


I like her:




Amy Yasbeck I think her name is.




And strictly Aes Sedai dear Cloud, no other characters! ;)


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Today I was thinking we could take a look at Siuan, Elaida and Leanne!



She is nearly a hand taller than Moiraine Damodredand is pretty, if not quite beautiful, with blue eyes and a delicate mouth.She is fair-skinned with dark glossy hair to her shoulders.



She is handsome and severe looking. She has dark eyes.



She has the copper skin of a Domani, and is thin and nearly as tall as a man. She is willowy, graceful, and beautiful.

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Oooh that's one of the best Leane's I've ever seen!


I keep posting this all over the place, but my favourite for Elaida is Jennifer Carpenter from Dexter:




Elaida is always described as handsome, never pretty or beautiful. I see that as meaning that she isn't anywhere near pretty, but she has a certain something about her face that keeps her from being ugly. Now Jennifer Carpenter is pretty when she smiles, but when she looks serious, or scowls, she's just Elaida through and through for me!

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