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I like the chemistry between the actors, but having a female Watson is a totally ridiculous concept that clings to this show like a ball and chain. You do NOT mess with canon that severely! If it were a pair of original characters, then it would be okay. I like what they did bringing Moran into it and beginning stuff with Moriarty. (They will need an actor with some name value and gravitas to play Moriarty when they finally show him.) But some of the cases need work, in that they tend to be much the same. Holmes insists the cops arrest a person, then proceeds to tell them that the person didn't do it for some reason, and irritates the cops immensely for making them go to the trouble. Then he says it was really this person the whole time, and sometimes goes on to claim the second arrestee is innocent too. It gets annoying when this happens every other episode.


Brid, have you read the originals? Watching Elementary has inspired me to start reading Doyle.

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Basel, I have read a couple of them and read Hounds in High School (which was a very, very long time ago).  I do like the books a lot and must read more of them.  Have any you recommend over others? 


I pretty much let go of the idea it was Doyle's Sherlock.  I just accepted it as they interestingly have names in common with the Doyle characters.  I was very sceptical when I first heard of the show, but had to give it a try.  I'm a bit hooked on it, but actually haven't watched the last two episodes, they are waiting for me on my DVR.


I can see how that gets annoying, as at times I have to agree.  Sometimes it's the same story, with just the circumstances and characters swapped out.  But I still enjoy the show and try to look beyond the obvious story lines.  I do have to say I enjoyed the episode with the intro to the Moriarty story and you're right, they will have to bring in a big name to fill those shoes. 


On a completely side note, I couldn't believe that was Aidan Quinn!  He did not age well!

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Brid, I began reading them at the beginning of this year, and I liked Sign of the Four. I've never read Hound, but I've found that gutenberg.org seems to have the whole literary canon for free. If you pay attention, though, there are more than just names in common. Every now and then the writers will work in some throwaway line that's an obvious shout-out to the books. Like Sherlock has a beekeeping hobby, or that he can tell tobacco brands just by the ashes.


I'm wondering if there are any plans to bring his brother into the show at some point.

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It is an average show.  The pilot was lousy, the next couple episodes are decent.  I don't remember the episodes after that offhand but the last one or two were pretty lousy.


I had great expectations but then again there is a chance for improvement and it could grow to be a great show.

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Thanks for the website Basel.  I'll definately check that out.  I think not knowing much about the Sherlock "world" some of the stuff I may not notice that other's who know the Sherlock stories will pick up on.  I'll be honest, most of what I know about Sherlock Holmes does come from the 2 movies with Robert Downey.  Which I am sure, like all movies, took great liberty with the books.  I did read a couple of Holmes books like I said, but it was quite a while ago and I only remember bits and peices.  So long post short....I probably don't notice much of the subtle "shout outs" that others may so I tend to look at it with different eyes I guess.


Senexx, lets hope it improves and not go the other way like so many shows do in their 2nd season.  (Thinks of Breaking In)

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Thanks Basel for posting that.  I liked it and have to say I pretty much agree with it.


I really need to go watch my recordings of the show!!!  I think maybe I'll do that right now since it's a snow day for me.

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