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Guest Matt al'Thor

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Guest Matt al'Thor

Hello all!


My name is Matt and I'm new to The Wheel of Time series and Dragonmount. I'm currently about halfway done Eye of The World and thus far I'm really enjoying it! I just finished A Dance With Dragons this summer and afterwards I needed to find a new epic fantasy series. Everyone recommended me The Wheel of Time. 


My goal here is to meet The Wheel of Time community and discuss this really long series. It's always nice to have a community online to discuss a series with so much content! My question is, where is a good place to start -- a place to avoid spoilers? There are so many sub-forums here that I don't know where to start! :p

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Welcome Matt  :biggrin:


Dragonmount is a pretty cool place but also quite big - I can defo understand where you're coming from  :laugh:


I think if you're wanting to avoid spoilers I would give the book discussion forums a miss for just now, there are spoilers for up to book 13 and needless to say, avoid the AMOL discussion forum unless you want to know the ending  :tongue:


I think it's so cool that you've came to Dragonmount so early on - I wish I had!


If I were you I'd check out the social forums, you get a lot of good discussion going and there are minimal spoilers. They are a lot of fun and you get to meet loads of nice people. There is also a RP section if you're interested in that. Oh and the general discussion is good and the games! So many games. Yeah Dragonmount is biiig. And fun. 


Good luck!

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Welcome!  I found the series about two years ago and i think you've come to the right place.  Blank is correct, I would avoid the book discussion forums and spend time in the social groups.  Lots to do here and it's fun.  We're here if you have any other questions.

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