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Avhienda's Babies


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Since Avhienda is going to have 4 babies at once (min's viewing). I have been wondering on how this is to happen since according to the Rhuidean vision, these appear to be 4 different childern (i.e. not identical, all fraternal).  Since Rand seems to make everything more fertile around him - apples growing and roses blooming, etc...


So since he makes everything more fertile around him, then does he also make Avhienda more fertile as well - hence 4 babies at once?

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Apu: How did we get eight?

Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon: Apu, I must confess. When we were having trouble conceiving, I took fertility drugs.

Apu: Wooh. I, too, am afraid I'm guilty of monkeying with nature. I slipped fertility drugs into your breakfast squishy.

Hibbert: [using a calculator] Mmm-hmm. Well that would only account for quintuplets. Did anyone *else* slip this woman fertility drugs?

[Homer, Marge, and Bart raise their hands]

Homer Simpson: Mine tasted like strawberry.

[Homer pops one into his mouth]

Homer Simpson: Ovulicious...


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