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Approved WK Bio for Felvere Staedryn - CC'd by FL


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N.B. FL CC required for mention of Illianer nobles since House Staedryn is described as "very powerful". Thanks.


Character Name: Felvere Staedryn


DM Handle: The Bard Babe


Age: 20


Gender: Male


Place of Birth/Raising: Illian


Physical Description:  Felvere is a tall, thin and very serious young man. Everything about him is straight, his back, his nose, his eyebrows. He has dark hair and a clean shaven face with sharp cheekbones and hollowed cheeks. His eyes are equally as dark as his hair, and are piercing and judgemental. His weight is consistent with his height, lean and sinewy. He always dresses very smartly, as per his rich status, wearing coats and waistcoats and knee high boots, all dark, rich materials, neatly buttoned. He carries a blue handkerchief permanently in his right hand and wears a signet ring with his house’s emblem.


Character History


Felvere is an Illianer noble of a very powerful house, one of three sons vying for power. His father Cordill Staedryn is a man who cares nothing for anything but power and appearances, and ensuring that his line continues with as much strength as it always has. Felvere’s mother, a rich noblewoman in her own right, was killed under suspicious circumstances when he was four, once she had stopped bearing Cordill children and he had gotten all he could from her wealth and influence.


Felvere grew up permanently in competition with his brothers, one older and one younger. He became his father’s favourite at the age of twelve when his scholarly intelligence, cunning and ruthless business nature truly shone through for the first time when he had a hand in arranging for his older brother to be publicly shamed to an state where he would never be allowed to represent the House.


This favour added with the persuasive skills, threats and contacts Felvere had ensured him an absurdly comfortable life, where the only discomforts he had to endure were the political wiles of his brothers and other nobles. His intelligence and instincts for this were proven so dangerous that very few dared try anything against him.


When his senses started to become sharper, Felvere, having the analytical mind geared for profit that he did, used it to his advantage, becoming more and more politically dangerous. When the dreams started, he hid it as well as he could, holding himself strictly  in hand, confused by how such absurd, uncontrolled dreams were overtaking his nights.


Disaster came when Felvere’s eyes turned gold. There was no way to hide this from his father and his rivals, despite the money he spent and people he tried, and soon he was called down for a freak. His own personal skills and intimidation kept his golden eyes from having much of an effect on anything, but one night when he got a little bit too drunk, his brothers attempted to have him assassinated, and Felvere snapped, for a moment becoming the snarling wolf trapped in a corner that he occasionally became in his dreams.


Rumours spread and along with his eyes, Felvere was cast out to attempt to survive by himself.


As he was extremely arrogant and sheltered in his way of life, Felvere had no knowledge of how to survive without servants and too much pride to beg. This led to several dark nights in the forest, dreams, darkness and the eventual blurring of the line between reality and dreaming. The ever-controlled Felvere cracked and his personality became two entirely different entities, Felvere the wily, rich, intelligent man and his insane counterpart who killed off his two brothers on some stormy night. A spiral of actions and reactions cast Felvere further into madness before he finally hit rock bottom with two very separate and entirely active personalities.


The only time Felvere found peace was during the Wolf Dream, where he became once again his old self, sane and average, and slowly, he began to communicate with a wolf in these strange dreams, revelling in the simplicity of the wolf's perspective. He began to find meat ready for him to cook beside him at night too and, eventually, through the aid of this wolf in his dreams, Felvere pieced himself back together. The split within him gradually became only different sides of an entirely sane whole. He never saw the wolf he’d met in his dreams and that portion of his life is somewhat blurred. Though still emotionally unstable, Felvere is now mostly just trying to determine whether he is still too proud to go and ask someone for some food other than meat.



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Sorry for the wait on the CC here, but because it was a 'very powerful' house I wanted to get Myst's personal thoughts on it.


We both agree that the bio looks good. But we do have a very slight hesitation over the future intentions of the powerful house.


We will CC this,  but we would ask that any plans to advance his family's standing in the future get FL approval before hand.


We understand that his primary focus in this bio is in having his character leave his House and pursue the life of a Wolfkin, but we just want to be sure we don't find out arbitrarily in some RP that his father is being mentioned as King of Illian or something as we do track the Nobles.

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