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Welcome falcon0221 :)


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Hello hello :smile:


Infamy, infamy - they've all got it infamy :smile:


Indeed there is a new game we have just started, which Rand is running - if you ask him very nicely he might let you join in. We also have a regular game of Mafia - it is too late to join in the latest one, but Basel should be running the next one, which will be based on WWII. Matty, one of our Light Stormleaders usually runs the Wotto in the Arena and you can also sign up for the 100 Questions Game in the Village. If you would like to learn more about Mafia, feel free to ask. There are many players here who will be happy to help, and I've got a simple hints and tips PM you can have too.


Our wonderful Lady Dragon will spot you soon and arrange for you to be added to our private Boards, and then you can have a mooch about and see what you can find. Joining in the lastest Saidin Class is always a good idea, as is learning how to OP Battle - yet another of our brilliant games available. In the mean time, just join in anything you can see and sign into Roll Call at the top of this Board.


Is simples yes? If it seems complicated, just eat more brownies.

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Welcome to the Black Tower. Have a brownie or two and just relax. Now look at this watch. Keep looking. You are going to tell us all about yourself. You are going to tell us about your favourite WoT moments and why you choose to join the BT. You are going to give me your keys...

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