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Leave of Absence Thread


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Please post here when you will be going on a Leave of Absence.


If you know the day you plan to return please list it as well as the day you will be starting the LoA.


I will try to keep an active list is first post. If you know of someone I have not listed who is currently on LoA, please feel free to post in this thread for them.


Please list the Ajahs and Staff positions you hold at the time of your LoA.



Currently On LoA:


Limited Activity:


Tonnalea (Novice) - August 25 onward until further notice






Long Term or Undetermined Return Date (URD):

Owen (Brown Sister, bio checker) - URD (still active Bio Checking)


Amadine (Yellow Sister) - URD

Elgee (Red and Grey Sister)- URD

Eqwina (Black, Green and Yellow Sister) - URD

Kenny (Novice) - URD

Keyholder21 (Blue and Grey Sister) - URD

Mystica (Brown Sitter) - URD

Nynaeve (Yellow Sitter) - URD

Rasheta Ardashir (Green Sitter and Green Sister) - URD

Wayward_fool (Yellow Sitter, Blue Sister) - URD

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Ohh nice! My honeymoon was a three day concert an hour away from home when I got married. However hubby and I have plans to go on a real honeymoon, full out of the country just the two of us in a resort style trip, next year for our 5 year anniversary. I hope you enjoy yours to the fullest!

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Okay, everyone, here's the deal.


I've lost my job.  I've been searching for a job since the beginning of the year, because it wasn't working for me, but now I've been laid off, because of funding issues, basically.


My days have been full of looking for jobs and trying my darnedest in that area.


Soooo...I'm putting myself on SEMI-LoA.


I will still be available to you, but if you really need me to post in something, please send me a PM!  I won't be as active as I would like, but I'm still here for you if you have questions or advice.

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Ok, I'm only partially on LoA. My better half got strep throat and decided to share the wealth, I think. So I'll be around some, but I can't even really think

straight enough to answer any RP's at the moment. 

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