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The White Tower Meets Real Life...

Aiel Heart

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This is the room I slept in Saturday night:




I walked in the room and instantly thought "I'm sleeping in the Novice Quarters o.O"


The computer/camera was on top of the dressers pushed as far back against the wall as it would go.


This small room was complete with:


1 window--can see rollar coasters out of it (and hear them very clearly)

1 bare lightbulb on the ceiling--which we couldn’t figure out how to turn on (the light switch either didn't exist or was hiding behind the dressers where we couldn't get to it)

1 electrical outlet (two spots)

1 lamp (which we used for light)

2 beds with very... "springy" mattresses, rickety frames, and no sheets provided

2 short long dressers, 6 small drawers each, stacked one on top of the other (one side of the room is taken up by the door and the dressers)

1 chair

1 stool/table?

1 shelf above the dressers

10 hooks on the wall to hang stuff on

no mirror, but you can tell where one once hung

1 landline telephone

paper thin walls

note heat is not on my list

We are not going to discuss the community bathroom at this time.


Oh one more thing about this room that made it like the Novice Quarters. Remember the cracks that the novices would whisper to each other through?




Next time you go to a theme park, remember that the volunteers and employees might be living in a place like this, and go a tad easier on them. I only slept/worked there for one weekend and am exhausted.


Oh, btw, I had fun working at the theme park for a weekend :D

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XD don't--I was lucky; I brought two blankets along. A lot of the other gals only brought one and ended up sleeping two to a bed just to stay warm (I'm not quite sure what the guys did...). I just woke up a ton because of the mattress >.>


It really was a fun weekend though. I got a lot closer to the group of friends that I went with and did a lot of interesting things.

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