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  1. i still say that lan shouldnt have been the one to kill demandred... it should have been mat... he was the one who had the foreshadowing of beating the two swordmasters(galad/gawyn) in tarvalon. and after beating the two, it only followed that the one who beat both of them, would beat the one who beat them... the farmer, with a stick... not to mention the funny twist of, how he doesnt have both eyes so has no depth perception(yay for a lucky beheading!), and "give up 1/2 the light of the world, to save the world" would take on a whole different meaning...
  2. another great question, is what was moraines questions/requests of the finn? RAFO! ive figured out some of them, but not all.
  3. i still want to know who nakomi is/was... it wasnt answered in aMoL... and bella isnt the creator or the darkone... she's the neighblis! she even died during TG... thank goodness we dont get RAFOd anymore, much nicer to get a "yes/no" :P so many questions that aMoL didnt answer...
  4. @dragonheart hawkwing said it... "we come to the horn, but fight for the banner"... seemingly it wouldnt matter which side blew the horn, if they didnt have the banner, it wouldnt matter much... although, it was summed up, that the wheel simply wouldnt allow either to fall to the shadows hands... @jonlewis rand is the most powerful in the book, by a considerable measure... tho, he could still be overpowered if the others were circled, or using an angreal... yea, i kinda wondered what happened to those other terangreal the BA stole from the white tower too... namely, the dice...
  5. @mashiara completely agree... pity my theory on that got disproven, it woulda been funny... :( that because of mat's one eye, he has no depth preception, and therefore would have killed demandred "by accident", thus saving the world... moraine would have been an irrelevant byproduct xD pity.
  6. id say that the horn returns all the heros who are in the vicinity of the horn when it was sounded... it returned hawkwing and his companions in falme(in accordance with the precepts), because they were there in TaR waiting for it to be sounded and no wolves(because they dont like cities anyways)... whereas in the blight, we already knew that the wolves were headed north in TaR for the last hunt...
  7. @mashiara the only thing i have against rand being able to win without mat or perrin, i dont have the reference, but we do hear several neverborn/darkfriends/etc saying "cut off one leg, and the tripod falls" or somesuch... whether that is true or not is another question :)
  8. agreed :) but then the question is, since androl's gateways are a channelers talent, and pevara could use it, would someone doublebonded with a foreteller be able to use foretelling?
  9. i agree there mashiara :P but, id also say that androl is bonded to pevara as a warder too... i dont think the bonds are any different, except that mins was woven indirectly as she couldnt do it herself... and hurin's sniffing was also referred to as a talent, as was the wolfbrother, and dreaming/dreamwalking, doesnt make them necessarily power-related
  10. @wotffan4472 yes, we must distinguish between power related talents, and non-power related talents, clearly something like creating terangreal, or androls gateways, are a power related talent, whereas min's sight, or dreamwalking, and many others, arent. that much said, we know some AS have foretelling, and some damane do too, but have we heard of anyone having the foretelling, without the ability to channel? are you sure it isnt a power-related talent?
  11. @mashiara i still dont know... min absolutely can be part of a double bond, she bonded rand, even though the weaves were laid indirectly. i cant say how the double bond with a non-channeler would work, but its definitely possible to do so. so hard to say for certain, i just dont have enough information!
  12. but min has bonded rand, even if the bonding weaves were laid indirectly... so if rand were to bond her, it would again be a double-bond... so, would she gain access to saidin?
  13. another funny thought, during elaine/aviendha/min's bonding to rand, min couldnt channel... if a non-channeler was double-bonded with a channeler, would they gain the ability to channel?
  14. i dunno about that rand... it was a considerable time between suian's severing and healing... and, i dont remember anyone mentioning long-term pain in severing... shock, depression, and addiction-like withdraw, yes... but long-term pain, no, i dont think so... i suspect, that severing doesnt exactly remove the ability to channel, it just... blows up access to the "bridge"(so to speak)... and that the healing, only rebuilds that access... imo, the feeling of loss, has more to do with the physical cut in the mind, than in the capability to channel. everybody has the "bridge", even if not everyone’s "bridge" makes it all the way to the source... thats why warders can feel the deaths of their AS... that wound is what causes the loss to be hidden...
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