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Light v. Shadow OP Tourney Round 1: Tina v. Lolguy ... Tina Wins!!

Turin Turambar

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Tina (Vin) v. Lolguy (Rashek) - The Mistborn Novels




Vin is a very untrusting girl growing up in Luthadel in the Central Dominance. She knows that she is special in that she has Luck (Allomancy) to help her survive in the thieving crew that she's in. She has an older brother named Reen, but he deserted her. She still hears his voice in her head.


Her sister was a Seeker, her mother was insane. Her mom killed her sister and gave Vin an earring, effectively bestowing Vin with increased use of Bronze. Reen, seeing this terror, fled with Vin. After he deserted her, Vin found out that he had been killed by Steel Inquisitors, trying to protect her by denying her existence.


Vin lived a hard life, and grew up on the streets. Reen taught her to trust no one. She has trouble going against this.




Rashek was the Lord Ruler, and a former Terris packman. He ruled the Final Empire, achieving immortality by combining Feruchemy and Allomancy. He created the Steel Ministry, its Inquisitors, the Kandra and the Koloss through use of Hemalurgy. The power of the Well of Ascension gave Rashek the ability to recreate the world, but only for a limited time. He used this power to move the planet closer to its Sun, so as to burn away the mists that were threatening all life on it. This had the side effect of making the planet too hot to sustain life, forcing him to create the Ashmounts to thicken the atmosphere and protect the surface. This in turn forced him to change the people to be able to breathe the newly ash-filled air and to re-engineer the planet's biology to work with the new atmosphere. He also discovered Hemalurgy at this time and used it to create the Kandra, Koloss and Inquisitors. Finally he rearranged the planet's geography to hide the Well.


He condensed some of the power from the well into the metal Larasium, which he then ingested, becoming a Mistborn. He is the only man known to have ever possessed Feruchemy and Allomancy , and doing so granted him great power. One of these powers was immortality. The Lord Ruler was able to achieve amazing effects with his powers. Once he was burned down to little more than a skeleton but regenerated in a matter of minutes and Rashek himself claimed he has been beheaded at least once.



all levels 10 plus 20 levels to spread out.


NO True Power.


5 rounds or to 50 points damage.


All to use Asha'man Rank


Link to Rollers: Dore Saidin Rollers




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* i had to google "Rashek", since i havent read mistborn yet*


ok i choose you


Fire 10+7

earth 10+6

air 10+5

water 10+2

spirit 10




im not that good in starting these things, so you can start this tina

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Ahhhhhhhhh!! I think I read some spoilers in there. (I have only read the first two books.)


So here we go.


Fire: 17

Earth: 15

Air: 12

Water: 11

Spirit: 15



lolguy: 17/16/15/12/10

Tina: 17/15/12/11/15


Dore Saidin Rollers



I might try to mix allomancy and the OP. :D Since you haven´t read the books - here is the link to the different metals and what they do. ( Allomancers get powers by swallowing pieces of metal that they "burn" inside when they want a power. )

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I can start.


Vin entered the Arena. Her mistcloak fluttered in the wind. This was indeed a strange place. She had thought it would be fun to visit a new place and face new challenges but this place was...odd. The One Power, they called it. It did something to her allomancy. A tossed coin could suddenly turn into a fire bolt. Burning tin made her feel the One Power. She could almost see the five powers floating around her. Somehow they "weaved it" to manipulate it and somehow she could connect with it. Strange world. She had arrived yesterday and had briefly seen the other contestants. Of course she never talked to them. Watching from the shadow felt safe. She had watched some of these asha´mans. Wow, some of them were really handsome in their black uniforms. Not like Elend of course but...


She had walked to the centre of the Arena before she realised who her opponent was. Rashek! Lord Ruler! She had not given it a thought that someone from her own world would have come to this tournament as well. Vin closed her eyes. Kelsier had believed in her... She grabbed some coins from her pouch, burned steel and threw them towards Rashek.



Damage - 8


lolguy - 92

Tina - 100

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forgive me if did anything wrong


rashek, he remembered dying at the hands of that girl "Vin" he thought scornfully,then he entered this weird world , it reminded him of when he had the power of well of Ascension,but what shocked him the most was that he found Larasium in his coat pocket, and then he saw her, but she closed her eyes, and he felt pain,but he didnt give in, he thought of burning a bit of larasium , but the pain and the unfamiliar way the attack was it failed.


Arrows of fire





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Vin could sense him using his powers. The powers she knew was greater than hers. Yet, nothing happened. Was it a trick? Running towards him she burned pewter and grabbed one of her glass daggers.She aimed at his heart but the dagger only hit the air.



Damage - 0


the guy who should know that a fight like this is never won easily: 92

the girl who is the coolest character ever seen: 100

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rashek, knew her abilities, saw her throwing a strange dagger, but he moved before it could touch him, he stood there and tried something that was not possible except here, and it worked, the ground underneath her rumbles, she swayed but didnt fall down.








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She gasped as the ground started to rumble beneath her. If it hadn´t been for the pewter she would have fallen. Now she managed to stay on her feet. He seemed to be able to adapt to this world easily. She had to end this quick or else she would not live to go back to her own world. She tossed a few coins in the air and used steel to push them towards him. Her coins stopped in the air and fell to the ground. This was not good...



Damage - 0


Evilguy - 92

Notsoevilgirl - 97

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Round 4


What should she do? The dagger had hit only air and the coins had fell to the ground. Maybe he was confused by this world as well because he just stood there staring at her. Suddenly she saw something behind him on the ground. It was a horse shoe. She smiled and pulled at it. It hit him right in the back of his head. A hit like that had made any other man unconscious but this was Lord Ruler. He didn´t even blink.



Damage - 4


hewholikestolaugh - 88

shewholikestohitpeoplewithhorseshoes - 97

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it took all his willpower to ignore the immense pain in the back of his head, a horseshoe how mundane, he thought of starting a tornado, and happily it worked, slightly...











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Final round


Lord Ruler! This was an odd place. Somehow he managed to send an tornado towards her. She had to learn how to use this One Power or she would not last long. Again she sent away the coins towards him but...again, they fell to the ground.



Damage - 0



tornadoguy - 88

failinggirl - 95

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