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While Mother was away...


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Brought to you by Warderlings&Co. Prank service. Your welcome.





*Masema had a wonderful idea. He snuck up to the hallway that contained the Amyrlin's study, looked around. Seeing the coast was clear, he signaled to his other companions and they all crept up to the door of the office of the Mother. Masema opened the door with great care and threw an orange in to make sure that there were no wards set or any cats with claws waiting. Opening the door wide, with a smile from ear to ear, he signaled everyone else in. When he turned the lights on he couldn't believe what he saw*









Mother seriously now, we must get rid of all this. *Brings up the fleet of garbage trucks*





Yeah, all of it. Ok boys, take it all away. NO NOT THAT WAY!





Oops, well I hope that wall wasn't important.

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It looks to me as if the prank did not go as planned


Not really. Sometimes you just have to wait for people to join in. And on that note:




*replaces Mother's old floor with something a little more... earth friendly.



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Nya walked upsidedown the Sedai Office corridors with a high stack of pikelets and wearing radish earrings, trying to act inconspicuous...


She peeked around the corner into the Mother's office. There they were, Masema and the other conspirators >:) Nya tippytoed in after them and suddenly stopped- WHY was everything upside down?


OCD senses tingling furiously, she lets down her hair a rope and starts pulling Mother's desk to the roof, applying Owl Glue to make it all stick properly!


*dusts hands* :D it looks nice so far everyone!

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*waves to le froggies while gluing Mother's swivelling chair to the chandelier* :happy:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:





And a nice pond to match the new floor





Oh and it looks like one of Eugene's children came over to play.



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