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Just So You Know ...

Niel an' Tyomn

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Nothing I ever say is meant with malicious intent .... Everything I saw is meant to be nice, humorous funny ... Anything other than mean or rude (unless the occasion calls for it!) Some have taken my lighthearted posts as a personal attack, which they were not. Everybody should be HAPPY! :laugh: BYE!

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YAY! Aye, of course not :smile: I promise to mever take anything seriously that you say… :baalzamon:

But yeah, nothing’s supposed to be with malicious intent here. And if you think people just continue to interpret it wrong maybe try adding some smilies to ‘lighten’ the mood up? :tongue:


Anything other than mean or rude (unless the occasion calls for it!)


Although this is kinda contradictory :tongue::wink:


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Hmmmmm, I missed this Thread,


I would say it is easy to 'misinterpret' posts that have such things as heavy sarcasm and negative words contained within them. Better to just avoid things that could be taken wrong IMO. After all, if you don't mean what you are saying, then why say it - especially in an environment where words are the only means of communication.


Saying something that is not very nice, and then saying - I but it was just a joke, still isn't right. The words were still said and their effect still occurred. Far better to just not go there in the first place. After all, who would want to upset another member of their social group, even unintentionally?


It is always better to have a read through a post that you think might be wicked funny and just check that you don't get the 'oooo-er missus' vibe. There are many ways of being funny and humourous without needing to constantly be rapier sharp.


These are just my thoughts in general, because I've had similar things happen to me in the past and I've gone back and thought, actually ... that was a little off and unecessary, I can see why they feel upset.


So yeah, maybe tone it down a bit, and not do it all the time is my advice. I think Nya has the smiley market cornered btw.



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The Light! There's no doubt!

Hey! Checkitcheckitout!

Put us to the test!

We've got the best!

We'll give you the rest!


Shadowies are like a mule!

Stating more wouldn't be true!

Cos thats how it is!

Lighties don't give a *!

And we'll bring our faction THROUGH!


*cheers in the background*

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