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Just So You Know ...

Niel an' Tyomn

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Actually, did you see the answers from Roll Call this month? Everyone wants to come to England. We'll be getting a new bigger house soon (sans decking lol) and it will have a guest room.


I'm seriously considering offering bed & breakfast. I'd make a fortune :biggrin:

That. Would. Be. Aweshums. :laugh: I'd come! XD


...orrr, yoo should just build a whole Tower accomodation while you're at it. And make it Black... :myrddraal:

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Go Shadow! There's no doubt!

Hey! Checkitcheckitout!

Put us to the test!

You know we're the best!

Banana the rest!


Shadowies are like, so cool!

Stating less wouldn't be true!

Cos thats how it is!

Lighties don't know this?

And we'll bring our faction THROUGH!


*cheers in the background*


What a lovely rap Matty :)

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Songstress, surely you recognize the glory of the Shadow now that you are channeling your inner demon?

Come to us, embrace the Sith. Just not too close, she bites. Lure that little whip of a Lightie in and then BEAT THEM SENSELESS!

It's only the right thing to do. Once you drink from the Pudding Chalice, you will see the truth.

Come, bask in the epic of the Shadow. The Light is but a mere imitation of the Shadow. And a crappy one at that!

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