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I see you...


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... Dragonmount!!


Originally joined in highschool, back around 2000ish. Have since navigated some crossroads and climbed a few mountains, returning to the 'mount after a mega Hiatus. Awesome to see Dragonmount in it's current state, testament to the metal of Dragonmounts Administration and members.


True to Jordan-Fan form, have been reading and re-reading the WOT Archives over the last decade or so. I am currently tearing through a Winters Heart for the fourth time in anticipation for the grand Finale'.


See you around, you'll find me in the training yard running though sword forms :)


May you all find water & shade.



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Welcome back James! =)


It sounds like you joined the site a bit before I did. I joined back in 2001. Though to be honest I've come across so many members with your name that it's hard to recall which of them you are. Do you remember me? What handle did you go by and where did you use to post? Sounds like you were a RPer though I suppose everyone was before the split.





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