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Considering the Three Oaths...How did the Aes Sedai justify killing Alric in TSR?

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I'm not sure why this never crossed my mind before, but it sure did this weekend while idlly breezing through Shadow Rising for the trillionth time.


It wasn't a battle. It couldn't have been in self-defense and they had no proof (since he WASN'T) that he was Shadowspawn. Yet, they sure killed him, alright - and with a knife in the back, no less :-(


Uhhh - HOW?


Has this ever been touched on before?





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Still not all those woman were black or loony like Elaida..?


Even though the vote to depose Siuan was technically illegal because the BA had it rigged, at the time the WT thought it was legitimate. Alric was stabbed with a knife during the attempt to capture her which would seem to indicate he was a casualty of warder on warder/youngling fighting. At the very least the OP was not used.

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