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Hi there

Paavo Jace

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Hi everyone


Pretty new to the forum stuff but it looks like a lot of fun albeit a little hard to navigate.. Love the books but haven't finished them yet I'm lagging behind a bit in book 10. I really like the changes the characters make and the way the story is told through different perspectives. I'm a fan of Matt (love luck characters) Nynaeve and her powerful healing abilities, also Birgitte because shes an archer and her personality is great, pretty much all the characters really!


Looking forward to meeting people and having a chat.


Bye for Now!

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*peers at Paavo's location* Oh my, another Aussie! Dice should be along to welcome you properly and chat you up in a bit...


Meanwhile, welcome, Paavo! Glad you've found us here at Dragonmount. Since you're still reading the books I did want to warn you that there are spoilers galore in the General Wheel of TIme Discussion forums, you might want to be a little careful about what you click on there since any thread may contain information from books you haven't finished yet. The Structured Discussion forum does have specific threads for each of the books if you want to talk about ones that you've already finished, or you're welcome to post a thread in the General WoT discussion section to get input on a particular subject while requesting no spoilers from the books beyond where you've read.


I do want to direct your attention to the Social Groups section -- I was a member for over a year before I checked out the social groups, and I regret missing out for so long. There is a lot of fun to be found and great people to get to know in the social groups.



Otherwise, have a look around and feel free to ask us any questions you like, we're a helpful bunch 'round these parts!

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Gday Paavo!


So the Aussie invasion starts again!! Fantastic! Im Dice and im from Sydney and am a huge Mat fan too!


As for what tress there said about the Social orgs? ASll i can say is DITTO!


they are where all the fun and madness happens. Now i noticed your comment about Archer and Mat so may i direct your attention to the Social Org...The Band of the Red Hand! Obviously dedicated to mat and with a theme of Music and military history it has three regiments you might be interested in the Mighty Cavalry! the Infantry and what I thought you might like the Archers! Now i still nurse the hope you will see the error of your ways and choose the cav but if u must u must i guess!


But theres more then the Band to experience


Like Spam? Try the Black tower Love the idea of Wolfbros? Wolfkin Org! Theres something for everyone! (excpt whitecloaks) even the Darkfriends are catered for at Shayol Ghul!


Look around jump right in.


Any questions dont hesitate to ask feel free to add me on MSN if u use it just let me know your DM handle!



and above ALL Have FUN!!!!!!!!!

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Hi guys


Well it looks like theres a lot of places to check out! A band of archers sounds interesting,death from above, bahahahaha! *ahem* anyway still looking around the forums but unyet to post. I do like mounted units... Ill have to consider it as a choice although i do like music im not especially gifted and i truly wish i was still learning the piano it became to expensive other than a few notes though military history could be quite interesting unless its modern!


To think on it i dont think there is a character i actually dont like be evil or good the personalities always win me over in the end but i spose there is hate when evil kills good characters though.


As for the name no family to speak of that is Finnish at least i dont think so anyway! i was pondering a name one day and Paavo was Paul which is my name in a diffferent language not sure which now that i think on it and Jace meant heal or healing which i thought was appropriate since im usually healers in games thus the love for Nynaeve :) and the yellow tower in the books.


I see your name is Ledinna sedai i filled out a form thing to join the White tower but no reply yet im not to sure how the ajahs relate from the books to real life im finding it hard to navigate and find information about the different ajahs if you have a link to some information it'd be really helpful!


Speaking of social groups ive seen that people signatures contain various titles like novice and accepted and was wondering if you can join multiple ones?


I just realised that these books are older than i am by a year more or less, i started reading them in high school so we would have been technically the same age of 10 or 11 when i started, not sure if that makes sense, oh well!


Thanks for the advice and welcomes nice to see some an aussie =D


p.s Love your names!

Edited by Paavo Jace
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Paavo - you're more than welcome to join as many of the social groups as interest you! I personally have only joined the Black Tower, but I'm kind of in the minority with that. Each group has its own focus and culture, and rank systems, etc.


The Black Tower is pretty much about taint-induced insanity, and our forums tend to be full of craziness and spam. And the occasional One Power fight. :smile:

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Im a member of four orgs The band of the red hand the black tower the wolfkin and the ogier. Tress and i know someone whos an active member of ALL of them. If you look at my sig it rotates with a sig for each org im in except wolfkin gotta add that still.


Some ppl bond others or have warders or what not and have sigs for that too.


anything else? and was that explanation clear??

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Paavo - have you posted on the same pinned thread where the link to form was? Because otherwise the Mistress of Novices may not notice you that easily. Actually I made the very same mistake as I joined the WT :tongue: And even after you've posted on the thread it can take a couple of days before you are added to the group.


I'm afraid I can't link the ajah info yet (it would just lead to boards you don't have access to yet), but once you are added to the group, you can see the ajahs' boards in the Hall of the Tower -sub-board. All the ajahs have a pinned topic telling what they're about and everything.


Don't take these too strictly, the ajahs are much more than just these, but here's something: blues like fantasy/sci-fi literature, browns books in general and they like traveling etc. too, grays like handcrafts and cooking, greens are like a big family, reds are passionate and sometimes feminists, whites like logic-puzzles and philosophical discussions and yellows are fun-loving.


Greens aren't the only ones who can bond many warders, and reds can bond too.


Our awesome Amyrlin probably arrives and posts here soon, so she can explain this better if this was unclear :smile:


And about my name, it can be quite misleading cause I'm still Accepted :tongue:

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wow thanks for the explanations i think i get it a lot better now :) should be fun finding out what ones to join everyone so's helpful here. so i should post on the thread with the sign up form for the WT ok then! cant wait to try the activities on all the different social groups!


thanks for all the help!

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