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Where my Aes Sedai at!


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What's up Dragonmount forums,


I go by crossedx on forums and I've been a WoT fan for years now and I've read all the books more then once, but this is the first time I've made it to Dragonmount. So far I'm liking the creativity in a lot of posts here as well as some interesting theories about the books.


Looking forward to meeting you



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Your thread title made me think of the Lunagirl song ... lol ... damn thing is looping through my brain, at the moment.


Aaaanyhoo ... welcome to DM! Have you had a chance to look around and check out the site? Anything in particular drawing you, like the Social Groups or the Role Playing side?

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Thanks again guys,


and I would have to go with Mat as a favorite character, some of the funnier dialogues in the books are when he is involved. Also you can't deny that Lan is a straight up bad ass so he's up there too. My least favorite might be Elaida, but I think it's tough to like in the 'negative' role she's put in opposing Siuan and such.

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