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Lanfear's symbol


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New here. Hope I'm posting in the correct place. But enough about that. To the topic.


I was doing a sketch of Lanfear, and I wanted to make a wear a necklace with a large medallion. My problem is, what symbol to put in the medallion. I don't remember reading anywhere if she had a particular symbol (like Elayn or Morgase, but then they are royalty) Does she have her own symbol? Do any of the forsaken for that matter?


If she doesn't have her own, what do you think would suit best for her medallion? I was thinking the Aes Sedai symbol, but I don't believe you'd usually see Lanfear going around wearing that!


Thanks in advance!

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yes, probably some kind of crescent moon symbol. Actually I believe in the Great Hunt, on the morning Selene has left Rand, Loial and Hurin, Lanfear's symboil is described on the letter the innkeeper hands to Rand.


I am going to nove this to the general discussion forum, where it can be decided whether it belongs to the general wheel of time discussion.

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Lanfear's symbol is a half moon with three stars between the points, at least that is her chapter icon. Check out the chapters in TGH where she appears.


In general I think a medallion with a half moon on will be good.


Here is a good picture of Lanfear, with a half-moon necklace and moons and stars in her hair:



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