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WoT-themed tattoo ideas


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I have seen quite alot of WoT themed tattoos, they are mostly the symbols we see in the book. Nothing wrong with that! But I started thinking about more "subtle" WoT themed tattoos, something a fan would instantly recognise, but to a not-Woteranian would be just a cool tattoo. Here are some of my ideas, do you have any?



-A veiled Aiel

-A woven pattern that is supposed to represent the weavings of saidar

-Portrait: Moraine with the kesiera next to Nynaeve with the ki'sain, separated by a braided leather cord

-A tower that is half white, black. Or two towers next to each other.

-A red eagle (for Manetheren)

-A falcon and a hawk

-A hammer and an axe

-Glowing yellow eyes

-A raven with dice in its claws


Do you like any of these? What's your ideas? I was sort of lost on coming up with something from the Seanchan and Athan'Miere-culture, maybe you guys have better imagination that I have :) Discuss! :D

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The hammer and axe would be pretty cool. Or the symbol from mat's signet ring, the fox making the ravens fly or whatever it was? or even the nine moons


Oh yeah I forgot Mat's ring there, that is a cool idea, and the moons are greit :D


Maybe the ravens on the shoulders so you can proudly display that you're property of the Empress, may she live forever!


But I don't want to be property *goes into Amathera sulking mode* lol

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