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  1. Has the potential to be a v entertaining scene.
  2. Nope, I was right first time. Who's the DO talking to, lads? My guess is Rand, who would've spat Father of Lies at him like he used to do to Ishy. One week left...
  3. Well today's is the DO if ever we read him. Scary:) ETA sorry wrong thread
  4. Anyone else fall off Tor's list today? Nothing yet.
  5. Dude no way could it kill the Fades. They're too valuable to throw away like that. If that was the case only the absolute best of the best channellers would be taken and turned, not mid level toadies and Taim's sycophants.
  6. Bags. That's practically an act, or something. Hell that's a short book, never mind a chapter.
  7. It looks v bleak for Lan at Tarwin's Gap, but to be honest it looked fierce bad for Graendal when Rand lit up the forest and blew the place out of existence. To be honest I'll be fairly annoyed if it transpires that she was saved to be Shaidar Haran's new toy while Lan dies. Him being added to Hero ranks would make up for it somewhat. He just has to. Remember his first pov in New Spring, facing the Aiel and they all roared Aan'allein and left the battlefield? The man's name is so on the list.
  8. Ha what if she heard Elaida giving a Foretelling and liked the sound of it...
  9. Ha what if she heard Elaida giving a Foretelling and liked the sound of it...
  10. Ha what if she heard Elaida giving a Foretelling and liked the sound of it...
  11. Steady on folks! Galad and Elayne?!! Yikes! My first instinct was Aviendha to Rand but I've gone off the boil on that one. It has a very superior tone, dismissive. Avi might be blunt but she doesn't consider Rand her inferior. Hmmm... Tuon could indeed say it for shock value. Never mind Mat, Selucia would swallow her tongue. Sorry poor choice of words there:-) I mean, Tuon would say it in public to embarrass Mat and while he might blush, Selucia would probably be scandalised altogether. Saucy stuff. !
  12. I'm not sure you have the same question mark as me here; but the exp<b></b>ression just hurts my ear. It's a weird order, isn't it? Yup it looks quare to me too. Ugh. To be honest, I think it sounds a little like an Aiel talking, maybe Aviendha. Although I do like the sounds of Androl Farstrider.
  13. Anyone get an email today yet? I signed up Again yesterday, not sure if it worked. I have to say its a good idea if they get on top of the logistics, gives everyone plenty to chew on until d day.
  14. I have to say this delaying of ebooks gets my goat. It'd be all well and good if the feckin hard cover didn't weigh as much as a feckin concrete block. I mean, seriously! I read in bed, at night - and particularly these days, I have 6 month old twins who don't want me to read during the day - and it's not bloody comfortable lying on your side in bed holding a ridiculous book in one hand and using the other to turn the page. If I had my way, I'd buy a hardcover on release day and the ebook at the same time. I'd admire the hardback for a bit, get misty eyed about it being the last one, and then I'd park it on the bookshelf with all the other concrete block books. Then in perfect comfort I'd lie in bed and read AMOL on my kindle and avoid serious injury to my wrists. Not about piracy or best seller lists, just being considerate to fans. Common courtesy, one would think, when the book is 1000 odd pages long!
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