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Your Top Ten Movie List


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The Boondock Saints – one of the funniest and coolest movies of all time.

Jaws – won 3 of 4 nominations (Best Picture nomination).

Night of the Living Dead – scariest movie of all time.

Amadeus – Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, won 8 of 11 nominations.

Gladiator – Best Picture, Best Actor, won 5 of 12 nominations.

Braveheart – Best Picture, Best Director, won 5 of 10 nominations.

Fight Club – one of the most original of all time (yes it was a book first).

The Great Escape – Steve McQueen was the man!

The Matrix – redefined action movies, won 4 of 4 nominations.

The Dark Knight - Best Supporting Actor, won 2 of 8 nominations.

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bride of frankenstein

the old dark house

my left foot

the remains of the day

mrs miniver

citizen kane


howards end

king kong

the incredibles

the princess bride

the invisible man

star wars, the first 3, the real first three non of this renumbered or redone nonsense

LotR, sure, why not

the fog of war

young frankenstein

the planet of the apes, the first one

2001 but it took me a while to come around to that

the day the earth stood still



um... this is impossible.


how do you narrow it down to 10?


i can't narrow it down to 100.

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  • Community Administrator

Tough one...

No Particular Order


Princess Bride

Young Frankenstein


Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness




The 13th Floor

Shawshank Redemption

Pulp Fiction

The Shining

Forest Gump

Apocalypse Now

Big Fish

Princess Mononoke


Sixth Sense

Dances with Wolves

I could only narrow it down to 18.

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aliens, pulp fiction, the shining, forrest gump, apocalypse now, princess mononoke, tokyo godfathers, treasure of the sierra madre, paint your wagon, cat ballou, blazing saddles, shenendoah, grapes of wrath, dances with wolves, yeah... amadeus, hate mel gibson but mad max, ed wood...


this just gets harder...

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Ok here is my Top 10 in order


1 The Shawshank Redemption

2 The Empire Strikes Back

3 Godfather

4 Godfather 2

5 Star Wars

6 Alien

7 Aliens

8 Schindler's List

9 Memento

10 The Return of the Jedi



Honorable Mentions:


Christopher Nolan Batmans

The Usual Suspects

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Fight Club



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Fanny & Alexander

A Clockwork Orange

La double-vie de Veronique


The Godfather 1&2

Pelle The Conqueror

Trois Couleurs - Bleu

Like Water For Chocolate

Les Quatre Cents Coups

Apocalypse Now

The Battleship Potemkin

Hedwig & the Angry inch

Life Of Brian

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Just to give you my perspective when creating my list. I wasn't making my favorite movie list, which I agree is just too hard to narrow down. I thought about overall movie quality, i.e. etertainment value, editing, cinematography, performances, writing, F/X, etc. That is why even though I frequently disagree with the Academy, I listed the awards just to add some credibility to the list. For example: The Princess Bride might make my top ten favorite list, but the F/X (e.g. the R.O.U.S.'s were good enough for the movie, but overall a little weak) kept it out of this list. Similarly, the editing very nearly knocked Braveheart off this list for me. These movies I believe to be almost flawless in that the writing, performances, editing, casting, entertainment, etc. are such that you really couldn't change or fix anything.


BTW - I think an all time wierdest/best movie list will be my next post. Need some time to ponder that one though.

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