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WoT Cage Match


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Hey everyone!


Starting this week we will be running a suvudu style cage match in which we pit characters against each other in bracketed tornaments. Each cage match includes impressive art and a write-up of how we think the fight might go. The actual results are determined via polls, in which all of you get to vote, and hold threads in which everyone can discuss the fight.


Head on over and check it out! Dragonmounts Wheel of Time Cagematch

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We figure that Rand can't possibly lose, he's so powerful at this point. We're saving Egwene and some of the other major characters like Elayne, Perrin, etc. in case we decide to do this again next year. We tried to pick a mix of major players and underdogs to keep things interesting.

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Yes, that was an interesting poll, especially the results. :)


As much as I like Mat, no way he toasts Moridin, same goes for Lan vs. Fain.


TP can destroy anything in Randland as far as we can tell, even the "indestructable" cuendillar does not appear to be impervious to it. Mat's medallion is very unlikely to provide any protection.


As Grandael put's it: "whatever the Creator could create, the Dark One could destroy".

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