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  1. 1/ Plot device, do you want an unstoppable Superman? Boring. Convenient numerous flaws found later aside. Same reason Choden Khal got wrecked. 2/ Logic would dictate balefire. Lanfear nearly wrecked it all, if not for Perrin. Moraine had various visions, it was miscalculation on her part, it's normal, nobody is perfect. 3/ At that time, Rand is at full OP strength (Tier 1, like Ishy and Rahvin), thus stronger than Sammael. However, Sammael is of course more skilled. Luring him there was good strategy. That's all for now.
  2. Lan, Mat, Cadusane, Lanfear, Ishamael, Rand, Perrin and Nyaneve...possibly in that order. I like the way Cadusane toyed with everyone. She was so badass, probably could have fought everyone one-on-one with the exception of uber Rand and TP Ishamael.
  3. ^Exactly. Rand would have easily destroyed all the Dark Side with the Choden Khal. Even Demandred with his little sa'angreal would have been an utter insect. It would be just Rand vs. Shai'tan, book length 100 pages, thus so boring. Were you not entertained? I was, at least with Demandred vs. the blademasters.
  4. Cadsuane is definitely a Juggernaut. She had an angreal=top level of the men strength, ter'angreal like Mat's and with some extra features, Well ter'angreal, one detects a man's ability to channel, one that detects saidin/saidar in tiny amounts, armor ter'angreal etc and etc. The Power rankings in the Companion are a bit strange. Her being stronger than Elayne, Egwene and Aviendha makes no sense and contradicts the books, unless we are talking about the 3 girl's current levels. So I wonder how much of this is Jordan's original vs. Team Jordan's conjectures.
  5. One thing that was surprising about the top tier was that Rahvin was as strong as LTT and Ishamael. I don't think anybody saw that coming. Same goes for Semirhage being as strong as Lanfear. Rahvin was a beast, no wonder he felt certain he could beat Lanfear and decided to confront Ishamael in book 3.
  6. I thought Rahvin would be tier 2 as well, bit shocking...However, he was certain he would wreck Lanfear. The author(s) stated that if LTT took over in book 5, Lanfear was toast. And Rand has not reached full OP strength in book 5. Logain is ranked, but Taim is not. Not surprised that Alivia is as strong as Lanfear, I always suspected. However, Semirhage? Nowhere does it state or imply in the novels that she has crazy strength. This is RJ's scale, so it is canon. Rand would wreck Jaime in a purely blademaster contest btw. Jaime is too weak mentally.
  7. Direct vs. indirect weaves. Neither the original or the copies could stop indirect weaves. I doubt that even the original could stop Demandred+his sa'angreal. Too much raw power, the Weaves would be too large to disperse. Certainly Rand and the Choden Kal, nothing will stop. I seriously doubt that even the gholam could survive that much raw power directed at it. The Weaves would be earth shattering in size. At one point, Rand was the Death Star. Very doubtful that the ter'angreal could stop the True Power weaves. Even more doubtful that the gholam could, given that would be an affront to Shai'tan...Agnior was mad, doubtful he was that mad and stupid.
  8. Thor's hammer was impressive. Indeed. I wonder if any of those Darkhounds were the unkillable T-1000 type that Perrin wrecked. I would have loved to see the Gholam vs. T-1000, that battle would have continued for a very long time. Hope to see this in a video game at least.
  9. Lan has fought essentially none stop and was half healed when he fought Demandred. Lan's POV stated that if he started fresh, things may have been different, not requiring the sheating the sword. Demandred having "centuries" of practice with the blade. Demandred did think Lan was LTT/presumably the #1 blademaster in AoL, stated nobody "in this AGE" could be that good, thus Lan > Jearom. I would assume that Demandred was #2 blademaster in AoL and Demandred Pov in River of Souls stated he thought nobody was his better with the sword given his recent practice. Lan > Rand > Galad > Gawyn, according to BS. Galad and Gawyn never stood a chance against Demandred.
  10. Rand's understanding of the Matrix increased to a level beyond LTT after Dragonmount. God like capabilities started to occur to a greater extent than LTT had. LTT 2.0 After this confrontation with Shai'tan, his understanding expanded even more. LTT 3.0
  11. Yes, Rand does have God like powers in the last 2 books, after his moment at Dragonmount. Brandon tries through Ishamael, but fails miserably to stating it is all tricks (which makes absolutely no sense given the decriptions of what Rand has done). I think Brandon when a bit overboard with Rand's capabilities and was trying to make pull back. However, the last scene in the books was all RJ...lightining the pipe.
  12. While I brought it cheap with Amazon, it is not worth it. It is 12 pages long (not 13 really, given 1/2 page intro and 1/2 page "conclusion"). You are not missing anything. Spoilers below: Demandred goes to fight a Worm to become a sexy, slim Wildthing. Yawn. Demandred gets a final piece of Suckernan. End of story.
  13. I agree it made no sense. Sarkenan was only a little more powerful than Callandor and Callandor having no buffer theoretically has "no limit". According to Logain PoV, the amount of saidin drawn by Rand was greater than at the Cleansing. The Light would have used Sarkenan, CK if they had the opportunity. Rand was also an utter fool to destroy the male CK. It is just a plot device of course. World War type, nukes, chemical, bilogical, drones, droids...all will be used. As for this short story, it was soooo short, could have easily fit into AMOL prologue.
  14. I would think if one does to pray to religion x in time y = hell or equivalently nice time.
  15. I would Perrin would have 19 strength, Lan 18/00 and Rand slightly below. I believe at 18/00, able to lift 400 pounds. Perrin can likely lift 500-600 pounds straight up. In the real world, men have lifted far more. Dex, both Lan and Mat 19. Rand's intelligence score far too low. Rand 18 (Wisdom 18 after LTT integration), Egwene should be 17. Rand had to learn on the fly, adapt like crazy, mass manipulations, in the end he manipulated Egwene et al very well..out fox all the Forsaken (now and AoL), beat Shai'tan... Someone like Einstein would be 19, highest human IQ is probably Leonardo Da Vinci...INT of 20. Lan is the best fighter in the series, STR, DEX, CON: 18, 19, 18, would be a level 20-25 fighter in D&D. Rand with all of LTT's knowlege and Dragon/Creator like powers: Level 50 mage, +10 CR for Dragon powers = 60 CR character. With the Choden Kal, Greater Diety.
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