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Pleased to meet you all


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Hi, pleased to meet you all here.


Ok never sure what to put on something like this, well been reading WoT series for the last eleven years now and loved every book, halfway through towers of midnight at the moment, however I just got modernised and I'm reading it on my new kindle :)

however I think I will still buy the book itself just to keep the collection looking good. Cant wait to read the last book, but at the same time it will feel really sad to know that its finished if that makes sense.


Any way take good care for now

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Welcome! Im sure were all glad to have you here and hope you find some niche for you in the various groups and activities! Theres the ACW guild and there is the different SG. The Group im in is the PSW. Which is were people come together and RP. (Role Play) different stories based in the world of rand land. Its very fun if enough people can be found. Were always looking for new members. If your interested feel free to pm me or ask any questions. biggrin.gif

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Thanks guys for the warm welcome, hopefully I will find a little niche here too :}


Cany honestly say that I have any characters that I dont like, but at the same time I am finding it hard to say who is my favourite character, there are so many good ones to choose from but I really love how Mat and Perin developed into such strong characters themselves.


Have loved reading the series, cant wait for the last book but will be kinda sad when it has finished

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