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Your ideal future?

Xamol Na

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Inspired by cindys money topic.


So, what would your ideal future be? This is without winning the lottery etc.


Mine is fairly simple. Ideally, I'd like to get a job as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. Meet someone and buy a house together. Get married and have a "big, white wedding." Then have children. Ideally two boys and a girl; James, Connor and Sienna. I'd like to send them to a nice school aswell. They local comp was terrible when I went there and it's gone seriously downhill now.

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pretty close to out of time for what i intended for my future, and... wouldn't have been very good at it anyway... so barring ideal, second best... by a wide margin... would be to live to retire in decent enough health to enjoy it, move somewhere nice, and talk my friends and family into coming along. i'm picturing some kind of tropical compound.... without the koolaid.

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to be able to put my daughter through Uni and watch her doing something she really enjoys with her life and her being happy...some grand-kids would be nice too! For me, I would actually like to meet someone that I could love and trust for the rest of my life. Plus get early retirement in my mid fifties, so I can enjoy my hard earned pension!

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i've always thought of it that way. not just for this question, but for questions about the future in general.


what are the odds that anyone could guess the actual future out of all the potential ones?


or in this case, predict what the ideal future would be out of all the possible ones.


when i try to predict what will be an ideal anything i am inevitably mistaken.


might just be me tho.

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In my prayer I ask for what is good for me. What that is I don´t know. I´m fully aware that my own decisions are not always the best for me in the long run. That has been painfully obvious. I hope that myself and those around me will stay healthy. In the ideal future there would be no more wars of course and no more starving people.

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Guest PiotrekS

what is my nature?


Convoluted - both my nature and the subject of free will.


Moving along.


Might be back to note the development of the debate though :tongue:

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