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  1. So, like every other WoT fan, I'm currently waiting for the release of A Memory of Light early next year. What to do until then? Why, re-read the other 14 books in the series, of course! And blog about them, in chunks haha. Starting with New Spring =) The book opens with Al'Lan Mandragoran waking his troops on the eve of battle. He recieves a messenger with a plan to crush the Aiel attackers using a strategy called "Hammer and Anvil." So, Lan and his troops rush to the designated spot only to find the Aiel waving at him and saluting before the run off over the horizon. What could all that be about? Tune in next time!
  2. So, XIII-2 is out soon and I'm skipping Oblivion and Skyrim, for now, to play a refresher run of Final Fantasy XIII(13). I will admit that I've loaded an old save and skipped chapters 1 and 2 as they are boring in comparison with the rest of the game and you gain no experience from playing them. I will also admit that, at the time of writing this, I am a wee bit tipsy. The story so far: MAJOR SPOILER WARNING! Chapter One: The Hanging Edge We have 5 random heroes who have, in one way or another, been involved in the great "purge" of Cocoon. Cocoon is a floating world that hovers over the lower, extremely hostile, world of Pulse. A magical being called a Fal'cie has been found in the town of Bodram(or something similar) and has taken a girl called Serah and made her it's L'Cie(a human chosen to do the Fal'Cie's bidding). As a result, everyone in the area at the time is being purged and sent to live on Pulse. The game starts on a train with Serah's sister Lightning deciding she doesn't actually feel like being purged and plunging her sword into several guards who stand in her way. Sazh decides this is a great idea and leaves the train with her only to be attacked by a giant robot scorpion...thing. After you defeat this and run around for a bit, the scene switches to Serah's fiancee Snow and his gang of loyal morons, who are known as NORA. You wander around for a bit and find a group of purge refugees next to a wrecked train. You decide it's a fantastic idea to give these random people weapons and tell them to go shoot the armored guards who are in the area. Snow is then joined by a random teenage boy's mother who insists that "Moms are tough!" before running off with a machine gun. After this, gameplay switches between Snow and Lightning a few times as you run about for a bit until, as Snow, you run headlong into a giant robot something that decides to kill you. Snow spots a rocket launcher lying around randomly, does a strange barrell roll through the air to grab it and, because he's a complete moron, misses it completely. He realises he's going to die but is suddenly saved by the random mother getting a perfect shot with the rocket launcher and destroying the robot. However, this completely destroys the bridge you are on and Snow ends up hanging onto the edge with the mother gripping him. She demands that you "Take care of him!" before letting go of Snow and plummetting to her death. We hear a boy scream and control switches to the random teenager, who is actually called Hope(of all possible names!) and a random girl called Vanille. They're in a camp that's being protected by NORA and have just witnessed Hope's mother's death. They go running up to Snow but he jumps on a ...flying motorbike and zooms away. Hope and Vanille decide to snatch one for themselves, zoom away and promptly crash into... Chapter Two: The Pulse Vestige You now control Vanille who promptly finds a random magic wand whiplike thing for her weapon and Hope pulls out a...boomerang. Thank God these two gain other skills later on. Oh, completely forgot to say; Lightning uses a style of sword called a Gunblade, Sazh uses a pair of handguns and Snow fistfights. You wander around for a while, find your crashed vehicle and jump a random barrier. Control switches back to Snow who activates a random device and changes the layout of the level. Now your Lightning again, who immediately starts stroking a random glyph to gain access to The Pulse Vestige(the horrifying Fal'Cie I mentioned before). Control switches back and forth as you make your way through the map and fight random monsters. All the characters eventually meet up exactly where Serah happens to be. She sees you all there, announces that you can "Save us all!", starts to cry and turns to crystal. 0_o!? Snow catches, and pockets, a crystalized tear. Lightning flies into a rage and everyone follows her to beat up Anima, the Fal'Cie. You manage it, but Anima has the last laugh. It captures all five of you and brands you as dreaded L'Cie. Outside, the local army manage to shoot and destroy The Pulse Vestige, plunging you all down into the lake below... Thoughts so far: I like it. I can complain and criticize it A LOT but I still like the base story. So far, the battle system lets the game down as the basic set up is that you're given an "auto-attack" command but, at this point of the game, all you can do is the most basic attack. You also gain nothing to advance your characters in these encounters either. Character wise, I definetally like Lightning the most so-far. Sazh isn't really shown much yet as he has no real link with Serah. Snow is arrogant and annoying, Vanille is strangely upbeat and Hope just whines. Saying this, I don't have a problem with Hope like others. Hope just saw his mother die, of course he's going to whine, he's supposed to be fourteen years old! ...wow, that went on for longer than expected XD Shall do Chapter Three soon =)
  3. Strange co-incidence; I also went to school with a Dave Parker. Never lent him anything though.
  4. Plus, we have the better accent. By far =D

  5. Plus, we have the better accent. By far =D

  6. Lancashire is awesome =D I move back and forth from Blackpool =)

  7. Xamol Na


    Gosh I'm running so far behind on my reviews and everything! Still to come: -Eragon review -Lost Odysessy (VG) Pending: -Eldest, Brisingr and Inheritance (Book) -Eragon (Film) -Sherlock (TV) -Dancing on Ice (Reality TV) -Lego Harry Potter (VG) Hope you enjoy them when I finally get there!
  8. 146. When you tell your boyfriend off for "thinking with the hairs on his chest" 147. He managed to do that. Literally. 148. When you only wear the colour that represents your ajah. 149. When you sing to trees. 150. When they grow after you do this.
  9. I haven't commented yet but I shall now you've dont TSR =D This book is also my favourite of the series, with the Fires of Heaven being a close second. I agree about Mat becoming the strongest lead character, he is my favourite male. Also agree with the Aiel being the best representative group in the book. They just feel so real to me and their sense of honour is amazing. My favourite female is Aviendha by far. Can't wait for the rest of your blogs. xxXN
  10. Time to try something new; a list of my most hated Final Fantasy Characters. Also, I love these games but some of the characters just make me want to be sticking swords into THEM! SERIOUS SPOILER ALERT 10. Snow (Final Fantasy XIII) It's not that he's a bad character, he's just not my cup of tea. He's very loud, likes to proclaim himself a hero and I can easily image him crashing through the walls of my house because he got the idea into his mind. 9. Quina (Final Fantasy IX) Okay, I know this is a fantasy game, but what the hell is this guy!? There's maybe TWO of it's race in the game, it included. The characters don't even know what to call it, they genuinely refer to the weird frog-muncher (not joking) as "s/he" and "s/him". 8. Paine (Final Fantasy X-2) Squall was emo enough, therefore we don't actually need Paine! I think her lines of dialogue equates under half of that we get from Yuna and Rikku and everytime you even approach the idea of asking about her past and you're told to mind your own business. This takes away any character depth and just makes her a sulking cardboard cut out. 7. Selphie (Final Fantasy VIII) Just how much sugar does she eat in a day? She is giddy to the point of singing random, unexpected songs about trains whenever she's on a train. She is annoying beyond belief and reminds me of my 7 year old cousin. Prettymuch everything she says is almost completely pointless and she becomes obsessed with a guy she sees in a halucinatory memory. 6. Cait Sith (final Fantasy VII) I don't even know what to say about this. It's a cat robot, sat on a random mooglish robot that attacks with a mega-phone whilst masquerading as a fortune teller with a Scottish accent who infiltrates your group to betray you. Because he's not the suspicious looking one of the group...? 5. Wakka (Final Fantasy X) YA! This guy does not shut up! But, for once, that isn't what bothers me. Just look at the HAIR! Also, he fights using a Blitzball! Everyone else has a sword, blade or magic and he fights with the equivalent of a volleyball! He's even worse in the sequel. As soon as he stops being a main character he suddenly forget's all his previous battle skills and you have to rush in and save him. Multiple times! And here's something to give you nightmares; he finds a woman and multiplies! 4. Zell (Final Fantasy VIII) As soon as I saw this guy's name I knew I wasn't going to like him. Zell Dincht. And I thought Selphie was hyper...>_> Zell spends a small part of the game either squatting randomly in a corner(facing a wall) or complaining that the café in his school has run out of hot dogs. When he finally get's some he immediately crams several into his mouth and chokes on them. See my point? Too stupid to EAT! I did rather enjoy a small moment of the game where the party decide to leave him by himself and run off to look for an escape route. XD 3. Rikku (Final Fantasy X/X-2) This chick may aswell have "jailbait" tatooed across her forehead. Her only reason for existance in the series is fanservice. SICKENING fanservice. She wears barely anything in FFX and she is FIFTEEN years old. Don't get me started on X-2 where she is stripped down to her underwear and a mini-skirt. This girl is underage and is deliberately set up to be a sex symbol. Fanservice aside, Rikku is a completely useless character to have on your team in X as she can't deal enough damage to kill anything even if you wanted to use her. In X-2 she seems to have lost any brain cells she may have possessed along with her clothes. 2. Vaan (Final Fantasy XII) Vaan is here for one special reason; his character is completely unneeded and has no influence on the plot. He is a street rat who wants to be a Sky Pirate. He meets a real Sky Pirate and somehow get's swept up into a story where he has no place. The story is about princess Ashe reclaiming her kingdom and her feelings towards her late husband and Balthier the Sky Pirate. Speaking of meaningless characters... 1. TIDUS!!! (Final Fantasy X) This guy makes me want to eat my controller in rage! What is with him? WHY is he the main character!? The story is centered (pretty-much) on Yuna and her quest to save the world and purge it of Sin. I know he has a "significant" relationship with Sin but, really, if you removed him from the story that relationship wouldn't alter Yuna's story one bit! Grrrrr! If you took a shot everytime he says either "This is my story!" or "I'm from Zanarkand" you'd be rushed to hospital within a matter of hours. Even Yuna get's fed up of this after 50-odd hours and basically tells him to cram "his story". There's a bit in the story where he get's told that once Yuna wins he would vanish forever. Yuna wins and he vanishes forever. I was happy...until they released a sequel. I nearly cried when I found out that the main quest of X-2 was to get him back... Thanks for reading! Feel free to suggest any top tens you'd like to see! Next time: characters from FF I LIKE! xxXN
  11. Xamol Na

    Good Golly

    Been far to long since I've had time to come on here but I have an ANNOUNCEMENT to make. I will shortly start training to be a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist and hopefully, one day, a doctor =) I will also be sticking at my writing =) xxXN
  12. Xamol Na

    Children In Need

    So, here in England it is Children In Need's fundraising evening. Personally I think this is a fantastic charity. Every penny they raise is spent on helping children in England. Admittedly, I haven't done much this year except buying a Pudsey bear. Who has explored the whole of Blackpool with me, the lucky boy! Next year I'm thinking of being sponsored to raise money for C.I.N by taking a week off work, going back up to Blackpool and taking Pudsey on every fairground attraction we can find (I'm TERRIFIED of them). That's all =)
  13. Xamol Na

    Finally back!!!

    Wow I've been offline for a short while (which is a LONG time for me haha). Basically, the main reason I've not been online is because I went on a nice holiday to Blackpool for a little while then had a rush to catch-up with other things (both work related and not) when I get back. I've also been spending a lot of time with my Doctor as I'm a sufferer from anxiety attacks and paranoia. Anyway, I shall be continuing to review Eragon either later tonight or tomorrow =) xxXN
  14. Yeah I've read Eldest and Brisingr aswell
  15. Okay, I'm going to split this review down into several parts so that I'm not here forever. Overview: EPIC SPOILER WARNING!!! Eragon is a young farmboy who finds a pretty blue stone in a forest. He takes it home and it hatches a dragon. He names the dragon Saphira. A disaster happens and he runs away from home with an old man named Brom. Brom trains Eragon is swords and sorcery. They follow the trail of people they're hunting(who work for this book's Evil Lord) and find some incriminating evidence. They go to Teirm and visit Brom' friend where they meet a fortune teller and a werecat. Eragon get's his future told by both. They leave, are ambushed, Eragon uses too much power and collapses. Has a dream of a mysterious woman. They travel to another big city. Are found by the ones they are hunting and run for their lives. They are captured and rescued. Brom dies, Eragon is joined by Murtagh. Eragon get's captured and imprisoned. Meets a Shade called Durza. Sees the mysterious woman in the same prison. Murtagh rescues Eragon, they both rescue the woman who is an elf(epic gasp!) They run away. Eragon read's the elf's mind. She's called Arya and is going to die in a matter of days. They run for it. They head for the rebel forces, Murtagh doesn't want to; Eragon makes him anyway. They get in, Murtagh is imprissoned. Eragon blesses a child. Fortune teller and cat are all the way over here aswell. There is an epic battle. Eragon kills Durza but is badly wounded. Fortune teller heals his body. A strange presence contacts him mentally and heals his mind. The end. Or is it...? PHEW! Carrying on; if you did not heed my spoiler tag and have had the story ruined for you don't blame me; YOU WERE WARNED. Okay...so, Eragon. I have a lot to say on this one both good and bad. Before I start actually reviewing it I will say that I do like this story. I'm just good at being critical haha. Things I love in this story: 1. Characters 2. Concept 3. History and Mythology 4. Dragons 5. Magic Things I HATE about this story: 1. Characters 2. It all get's very "Star Wars" 3. The "bad guys" 4. The Ancient Language 5. Magic I do realise that I have things on both lists and they'll probably grow when I actually get around to writing them up properly haha. So, next time...I'll go with the BAD STUFF haha. I'll also be reviewing the movie aswell *shudder* Buh-bai!
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