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Gabriel Kross

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So I got to thinking I believe level wise I am ready for rank up so I was wondering...



Is it like a formal type thingy and do I need to be decided where I'm going by the time I am raised? Or is that when the bribery/convincing/compulsion begins to get me to join one side or the other? I'm so confused, maybe I shouldn't of got spendy with it until I knew what to do after... >.>

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this may help you figure out how to spend your points, etc. dice.




after you spend enough to level up, at some point you will notice a bold DONE show up on the spending thread, which means your stats have been updated to the offsite board linked in the thread .... linked here.


shortly after your stats are changed on the offsite board, and you have reached soldier rank (takes 36 points,, btw) you will notice a "promotion thread" pop up for you int he farmhouse - watch for it.


people will congratulate you and may or may not bribe or cajole you into joining one side or another.


take as much time as you need to decide, and remember, you never have to choose any side at all if you don't want to. lots of people don't.


good luck.

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