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December Shockwave Competition


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This is the online Shockwave Competition, yay!


Just go find a shockwave or flash game on the internet you think if fun and interesting and PM with the following information:


The Name of the game

A Link to the game

A brief description of the game


You will get 7 Points for submitting a game. Each person can only submit one game.


The deadline for submitting games will be December 24th or so.


At that time, I will update this thread with your game submissions and open up the thread to voting. Each person can vote for one game and will earn 3 Points for voting. (An easy 10 Points for submitting a game and then voting)


At the end of the month, I will add up the points and Points will be given out for the:


1st place game: 10 Points


2nd place game: 5 Points.


You can PM me with any questions.


Thank you and have a nice day. :)

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Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare

Game Link

Boxhead: The Christmas Nightmare is the 7th in the series of the Boxhead zombie killing games. This time you’ll be kicking many baddies butts with a huge array of weaponry, guns, explosives, airstrikes and other harmful stuff.


Tasty Planet: Dino Time


This is a very fast and fun game where you go around eating everything on the planet, up to and including the planet.


Vampire Physics


Basically, you have to convert all the humans into vampires, whilst avoiding garlic and priests. It's a little bit like Lemmings, as you have to knock objects out of the way, and use the force of gravity to move the little vampire through the course. You also have to figure out the right order to do stuff in. So, funny, logic puzzle, addictive, progressively difficult, but vampire themed game.


Bullet Audyssey


this is a bullet hell game, which basically means that you have to dodge all sorts of projectiles. The objective is to gain power by staying near the bullets and then using the power to either shoot down the bosses or slow things down so that you can dodge. Also all the levels come with some sort of music and the amount of bullets on screen will change depending on what is happening in the song

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