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Hello to all!

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I would like to say I am honored to finally join Dragonmount! I have been a fan for only a few years but this is my favorite book series! I do not read as much as I used to, but I do have to change that!


It was in 2008 that my local library carried mostly all of these series in paperback. I knew I had heard of this series before, but when I started reading I knew this was something truly epic!


Well, I have not even read the Tower of Midnight but I will get into that shortly!


Hmm if I had to pick a character that resembles me, I would have to say Mat.


It is so hard to pick out what I love of this book, because it goes into many realms of themes that are griping!


I thank you for letting me stop by! :aessedai:


Grazie mille a tutti!



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Hello Gio,


I just joined a few days ago, but I've been reading these for books over 20 yrs and I don't get tired of them.


You said that you bought all the books. Did you also get New Spring? It's a prequel to TEoTW and didn't come out until well after several books in the story (somewhere around 2003 or 2004, I think)It's about Moiraine and Siuan and how they got started looking for Rand.

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Grazie, amici del mondo!


Mat is a great character I can sympathize with. I love his luck, his attitude and so forth. But I really love Rand Al'Thor, as he is conflicted but remains to be a great man. :mat:


Ha, who is my least favorite character? That is hard to remember from when I started reading(which means I need to do a re-read soon!) I do recall my blood boiling whenever I hear about the Children of the Light!


The Eye of the World for me was a great introduction to the series, as was The Great Hunt and Dragon Reborn. :rand:


As far as who is my favorite Forsaken, Asmodean as he has that musical essence him!


I do hope to enjoy this site and learn a lot more from this great series. I believe that I am inspired to work on a Wheel of Time mini cd. I wrote another song yesterday and was working on another as well. We will see how this transpires!


Ciao a tutti e stamme bene! Dico mangia bene e stamme sano! :laugh:

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non parlo italiano...


I learnt that one phrase before i went to Rome earlier this year LMAO


I did pick a few bits and pieces while i was there though it helped that most people in Rome can speak/understand English.


Welcome to DM by the way, i hope you enjoy your stay ;)

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I live in a nice town but my grandparents are from Italy. I took it upon myself to learn Italian AND regional dialects, which is rare for someone my age, but it is my passion to do so.


I know that when other folks learn Italian, as with all other languages, you must first learn the pronunciation, syllabification, and grammar. BUT what I believe can be a trick to learn Italian in this case is two things:


Learn the "code" or the rhythm to the language. Each language has a beat of its own.


Italians use words differently to describe events, places, or things. For example to say "wow" you say "cavolo" which means cabbage, but it is used as an exclamation. Also when you great someone Come stai lei, meaning how is she. This refers to the cultural fact that there is two faces in Italian society. I hope this gives you insight to the language. I have studied a little bit of other languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Basque, and Norwegian. So I am in love with the Old Tongue in this wonderful series!


Thanks again for the greetings and I wish everyone well this cool snappy day wherever you may be!



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Oh and I hope that in sharing this with you that I am being respectful, but it is interesting to know that I have the pagan faith which is also rare for Italians. But actually in Italy there is strega, which predates the Church. Using the earth as you guide is the key to such faith.


So in this region of Italian, so called Basilicata or also known as Lucania, such is that the old world faith exists today. I have shared with Italian Americans whose family roots are here, that this is the case in Basilicata. But it would seem they try to deny this fact of this land. Yes, the Church is there, but only in physical form. Remember the two faces? This is one perfect case of such. Though the Church is there, the peoples hearts are into the old ways.


I thank you once again for sharing such thoughts!

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