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  1. I have made mention that while I still have not converted over to ebooks yet, I still have great respect for those who use this medium. It is very awesome that Robert did want to give back to those stores who done him good and this is a great example of humility and kindness!
  2. So how as the reception at the Philly signing? I really should have went but sadly was not feeling the greatest. I only live right across the bridge in NJ so it would have been easy for me to get there. Thanks for sharing too!
  3. I am regretting not going to the Philadelphia signing tonight....
  4. I agree with this. AMOL is not a philosphical trestise, or a religious novel, it's just a work of ficiton. I accepted the ending as the end of the book, period. I never bothered with the wider philosophy because it doesn't matter. And even this is a philosophy of looking at it! I have my own philosophy behind reading and spiritual matters, so it was not too difficult to accept the end as but rather the end of the book.
  5. I tried reading all the replies but I did not see anyone who also believe as I do that good and evil does not exist as this is the ego of the human that makes it so. I did enjoy the ending because it was an ending I did not write. I am a firm believer of not demanding the ending and choosing the one I see fit. But rather accepting the ending for what it was. It is most humble and respectful. So many great points from many of you that I can not discuss them all. Simply how we imagine the ending and its meaning, nothing and everything IS right! Basically we have learned the lesson RJ has taught us!
  6. To me I think our friend Damer forgets the purpose of reading: immersing ourselves in a book which nothing is to be decided by us, but by the writer and understanding why he chose to write how he writes. How WE want the book to end is, to me, not the correct way, but rather understanding how the WRITER ends the book. And for him to not like the ending is respectable but since Brandon was doing what Robert wanted, it is only up to the reader to have enjoy his path. I am almost done the book 755 pages, and I will enjoy it no matter what!
  7. Very proud that we fans can make this happen! And I am very proud(but hehe not egotistical) to be a real book lover!
  8. You have brought many a great points which I have the highest respect for you for doing so. I did have a smile when you said "hauling the brick around". If I may kindly say, I am proud to carry the book around! Again as above, I have that old world view in my heart. And even more interesting is my dad is a book AND e- book reader that has supported my decision. I do not wish anyone to support me because I like a real book in my hands, and that is not trying to criticizes any ones way they look at this situation, but rather openly sharing the feelings. I have to humble my self whole heartily when I do realize that the way of the book may soon give way to the convenience of the e-book. We could go on about this but my forum is talking in person. Which I have had the honor of meeting a fellow Wheel of Time lover solely because I had the book before me.
  9. I hope I did not offend with what I said as well as I meant no disrespect . I have always personally choose a book over a e-book even though I am fluent with technology. If you can understand, I am very old world when it comes to books and I suppose it has to do with my old world Italian heritage!(and boy do I love the Nordic runes too!) :D
  10. Here is my thought on this: I do love a real book in my hands and I do respect the fact that many have chosen the path of the ebook, even if I will never own one. The issue is that it was already mentioned that the ebook would be months after the hardcover. Just as the case, all ebookers could have humbly waited for the ebook and even ignored that a physical book was even made. I will not presume there is a "war" against the physical and the electronic choice, thought it does seem so. I respect foremost the decision of this and I am happy. We can not forget the heritage of a book in our hands and it was their wish... This also goes hand in hand with the issue of the pacing of books. I reflect kindly on the fact that Robert Jordan has taught us to let the pattern weave as it wills and this is how I approached each book. He did his job well by pacing the book to make some of us uncomfortable.
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