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Good Morning


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Hello everyone,


Decided to join this wonderful community after doing alot of spying on you all and thought I would join in.


I have been reading WoT since 2005, but I have only managed to get up to book 6, however, I have spolied it for myself by seeing what happens in future books from looking about here OOOpps. :dry:


Hope to get to know you all soon, and to eventually finish the WoT Collection (only to re read them again!).



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You're supposed to be careful!!! :P


Welcome to dragonmount, glad we didn't scare you off :)P


So did learning stuff ruin it for you or make you want to read it more because you want to find out how it happens?


Which parts and characters are your favorites so far?


If you have any questions just ask :)

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Welcome to DM!!

Mind if I call you El or something? I'm just so lazy with typing names rolleyes.gif


:O You have been spying us? *forgets that she did it probably even more than El*

Actually I'm glad that you decided to join.


Who is your favourite Forsaken? Or do you have a least-favourite character?


Feel free to ask if you've got any questions!!


I hope you will like it here!!!

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@ Aiel Heart - you didn't scare me off, I've never seen RP on a forum before, though a little over the head, so to speak, I'm sure I'll understand it soon.

If anything I want to read on - however I also want to re read as I've taken forever to get as far as I have, I always forget things or characters.

My Fave has to be Lan :lan: love the description of how he is, though he has disapeared from the novel lately. :dry: though I know he will return. In regards to parts, there isn't a particular part, it's a book that I'm flowing through and enjoying all.


@ledinna, to be honest I find Nynaeve :nynaeve: has a side that irritates :ohmy: the stubborn attitude and all of that braid tugging, no wonder she irritates other characters!

And in regards to the Forsaken, Moghedien, as I'm still reading what is to be her fate!

And call me El, it's fine.


@Elgee ~ not from Wales, moved here 4 yrs ago, I'm in Degbinshire :biggrin:


One question, how many times have you read these book?, I'm forever forgetting characters (there is so many of them), and sometimes wish I could re read the previous books as some things I've forgotten!


And as you can tell, I love this emotions, :jordan:

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