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Hello from Nirra!


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Welcome to dragonmount!!!


Which parts and characters are your favorites?


I'm glad your book club recommended WoT--it isn't nearly as well known as it should be.


If you have any questions at all feel free to ask :D



I love Siuan Sanche and Moiraine Damodred!



Welcome to DM, Nirra!!


Do you have a least-favourite character? Or a favourite Forsaken? Who?


Ooo, a book club! Did the others like WoT too? :)


I hope you will like it here!



Egwene can get on my nerves. I highly dislike Elaida and am glad she is a damane.


Sadly, many of the book club did not even make an attempt to read "Eye of the World." I would have told you I hated the fantasy genre until I read this!


I do like it here. Thank you.

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