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easy ways to earn points

Mrs. Cindy Gill

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you've probably seen a lot of weird topics being posted that make no sense at all.


and you probably noticed that your own welcome thread got spammed to death before you even saw it.


if you haven't made it through the labrynthine (sp? don't know don't care) mess of boards and threads that explain the pointsing thing, please allow me to introduce you to the simplest.


it's called a hot thread.


basically, you start a thread about anything or nothing, or, in the best possible case scenario, a welcome thread (put a watch topic on the newcomers sign here board, it's very competitive - and try to get people you know to sign up and coordinate with them :myrddraal: ), cause those are always popular. because we really do love new people.


games can be very popular, too, so see if you can come up with something fun and original.


the more the threads that you start get posted in, the more points they earn for you.


easy peasy.


you post, people post back, you post back again.


they count them up at the end of each month, and you get points.


here's how they tally the points, but be on the lookout for policy changes - and don't go by the offsite board, it is out of date:


50 Posts: 5 Points

100 Posts: 10 Points

150 Posts: 15 Points


only threads on the main BT board count for hot threads.


and you can't earn more than 15 points on a single hot thread. so don't bother pushing it to 200 unless you're enjoying yourself.


**** updated info on hot threads from Locke:


The threads don't have to be started in the same month they're counted in. It is only once they reach 150 posts and get moved to the Village that they can't receive any more points. (for the next month, they still receive points from the month they were moved in)


So say I start a thread now. By the end of December, it has 67 replies, so I get 5 points for it in Hot Threads. The next month, it gets up to 150 replies and gets moved to the Village. That month I get 15 points for it, but then I can't get anymore points from it after that.


you can spend points you earn to raise your rank in the tower, allowing you to join a faction, access hidden boards, and fight and win battles and stuff, which is... beyond me.


so that's why there are so many threads here, and so much glorious spam.


and now you spam too, and we all got pointses :biggrin:


and if anyone else would like to share pointsing tips in a non confusing format, please do so here.


or just spam randomly.


it's all good.

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There's a great site to visit for anyone new to the Black Tower: Black Tower website


Note: that site is just for info, not to join.


If you drag the mouse over the "Earn points" tab, you can see a ton of different ways to earn points. Hot threads are a good way, also games and competitions, and you can also earn them simply by making someone who has points to give out smile :smile:


Note: only full Ashaman and above get a points pool which they can donate from

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*** at this time, the offsite board referenced in the post above is extremely out of date and should not be used as a guideline.***


they're working on it, but for now, the most up to date information can be found on DM, but you kind of have to dig for it.


this is an attempt to make it a bit easier to find, especially for new folks.






i was hoping people who know a particular way of pointsing up might share.


for instance, there's a thread called 50 questions for points.


you go here http://www.dragonmou...ons-for-points/ to sign up to answer 50 questions, asked by your fellow BT friends, and you get 25 points for playing when it's your turn. and you get to ask up to 2 sets of 5 questions each when it's someone else's turn, and that's worth 10 points.


so everyone new should sign up for that.

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there are always opportunities popping up out of nowhere, like october's "free rice" game, which allowed people to earn way too many points by playing a game which also provided some rice for hungry people.


so watch the new threads for points opprtunities as they come up.

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you'll find most of your games and battles in the arena, which you should check frequently:




thre are walkthorughs on the main page explaining how to do a DS battle, if you're into it. not big points there, but some. and people who like it seem to like it.

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another recurring little points earner is the shockwave camp - very easy to participate in, and get some points from. this one should get more participation than it does. it's fun.




that's october's. might still be time to vote, not sure. but november's will be along shortly.



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oh, and hey, another easy 5 points, and that's the name of the thread, right on this here page, wear the sig for the BT theme week *points to sig down below... and up above... * and... earn 5 points.



make sure you post in that thread or you may not get credit for wearing the sig!


and keep your eyes open for any thread with the word points in the title.

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Hate to be the devil's advocate, but the most basic one is prob posting in general, since that counts for points too :blush:


That doesn't mean peeps shouldn't post in the roll call threads tho, they usually have interesting themes as well. Plus the M'Hael's roll call is spammable :myrddraal:

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there are no points for posting in general.


posting in the roll call thread is mandatory to maintain active status, and provides 10 points a month.


not sure what you mean by devil's advocate, there, tho.


i asked for anyone with points advice to give it.


was hoping it would be accurate, but it's also good to clear up inaccuracies this way, so again, it's all good.


as for who keeps track of what - Locke did the hot thread tarcking last month, and takes care of the points for the games he runs.


people keep track of the games they run in general. Lessa does the 50 points.


people post their own DS battle points in the points thread.


i believe Talm either keeps track of the roll call points or delegates.


faction points are usually tracked by the storm leaders.


but to reiterate - nobody keeps track of just posting in general, because that does not earn points, just good will. you post in other people's threads and they will post in yours, and so hot threads are born and grow until driven to the village with the rest of the zombies.

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by the way, this is the thread where the points you earn are posted.


it's a good idea to take a look at it to get an idea of what gets you points, and who posts them.





when you see a bold DONE posted, it means that the person who posted it has tallied the points and posted them to the official "points page" on the off-site board, here:




until the points you have earned are posted on this board ^^, they are not available for spending. once you see the DONE and they're posted, you can post in the points spending thread http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/59429-point-spending-and-angreal-buying/page__pid__2022995__st__120#entry2022995 , and use them to raise your power levels, and your rank.



it's a good idea to keep an eye on these pages to make sure the points you have earned get posted, and added up right - our staff is very dedicated, and very busy - and they are human - so mistakes can happen. if you spot a mistake, you can pm the person who posted, and they'll fix it for you.


hope that didn't confuse things more. it really does get easier as you do it.

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all you have to do is earn them, and wait until they show up on the off-site board.


then you follow the instructions here: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/64826-how-to-do-the-points-thing-beginners-version/


(or you can use the instructions in the threads that are referenced in that beginner's version)


and post to the points spending thread here: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/59429-point-spending-and-angreal-buying/page__pid__2022995__st__120#entry2022995.


they will be updated and posted to the offsite board just like the points earned are.


here's a table of the levels you're looking for to attain each rank in the BT, from page 1 of the POINTS SPENDING AND ANGREAL BUYING thread:





2 Elements at Level 2

2 Elements at level 4

1 Element at level 3





3 Elements at Level 5

2 Elements at level 8





2 Elements at Level 7

1 Elements at level 11

2 Element at level 13



Attack leader


2 Elements at Level 24

1 Elements at level 20

2 Element at level 18

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