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welcome Sakaea to the BT

Mrs. Cindy Gill

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Ok, now that everyone is totally confuzed, HI!!!!!!


I was just raised Aes Sedai in the WT, and I am Far Dareis Mai of the Aiel. So I was going to join a new Org, and now have joined two!


So let's see, about me. I love everything sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. I'm 23 years old, I love to read, play video games (especially Final Fantasy), and I'm engaged to be married to a wonderful guy who likes just about all the same things I do.


*takes a brownie* If anyone has questions, just ask!

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About time! Welcome to the madhouse, Sakaea. I´m the M´Hael, Faction Leader of the Shadow. If you have any questions please come to me.


We want to know everything about yourself. Who is your favorite asha´man? Do you consider yourself crazy? How addicted to mafia are you?



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Oh, and my favorite Asha'man are probably Mazrim Taim and Logain. I can't pick which:-/ Unless you consider Rand an Asha'man, then he's my favorite, with the other two a close second/third.


Rand is an Asha'man. He has said so himself.

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*has another tainted brownie*

I like rock and country, mostly. Some metal thrown in, Disney songs, and pop too. But mostly rock and country.


What Metal?


I myself mostly listen Power Metal, Folk Metal and Melodic Death Metal. O, and Progressive Metal.

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