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Hello, everyone! I'm new here too.

My name is Katerina and I'm living in Moscow, Russia. I like traveling (espesially with my dog),reading you-know-what(and not only it), making wool toys.

I haven't counted how many times I've read the WoT series. In English it sounds much-much-much better than in Russian(though it's not a surprise :smile: ).

Looking forward to reading all the discussions here :happy: .


Sorry in advance for my English if I'll write something strange :blush:

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Oh my word ... I think this is our first Russian member? If not, one of many few. Welcome to DM! :biggrin:


Your English is just fine, by the way. I'm from South Africa and my home language is Afrikaans (a language mainly derived from Dutch and German).


Apart from the discussion boards, have you had a look around the rest of DM yet?

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меня зовут Aiel Heart


Я учусь pусскии (Would I need the "по-" before pусскии in that instance?)


I've only been studying a few months though so... Don't ask me to translate anything :P


Which book are you on? Which parts and characters are your favorites?


Welcome to dm!!


If you have any questions feel free to ask :D

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Hi Kukasö and welcome to DM!!


Where have you got your name? It's soooo interesting!! :))


English isn't my real language either but it really doesn't matter here :wink:


Who is your favourite Forsaken? Which character you hate? (If there is one :)


Feel free to ask if you've got something on your mind!


I hope you will like it here!!

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Oh! Thanks everyone :biggrin:


Elgee, yes, I had a look around the rest DM site and exploring it more now.

Afrikaans... I haven't known such language exists! I thought there are mostly English and French in Africa and some native languages.


Aiel Heart, nice beginning in Russian :happy:

You don't need по- if you say "Я учу русский".

And you need it if you say "Я учусь говорить по-русски". :smile:

"Русский" means "Russian" and "по-русски" means "in Russian".


I just finished Towers of Midnight and I'm thinking maybe to start from the beginning.

The first book from the series I read was Lord of Chaos. It was in three books with no hints that any other parts exist. It left strange impression that I should know something else about it, that there should be some beginnig at least. But how should I know? Several years later I found out that there are other books. I was happy :happy:


My favourite parts are when Rand and others travel in the Waste, when Nynaeve and Elayne travel with menagery and when they are in Tanchico.

And my favourite caracter is Nynaeve.


Ledinna Sedai, if you mean Kukasö it's from the first letters of my Family name, my name and my patronymic name. Not very interesting really. Everybody asks if it's Japanese :smile:

It's "Кукасё" in Russian and sounds something like this: [kuka'sɜː] :cool:


Threads, thanks. I think I already like it :rolleyes:


Oops! How many letters I've written. :smile:

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You are welcome to ask anything about Russian. I don't remember any rules though :biggrin:


Yes, such start was veeeery confusing. But I liked it very much all the same :smile:


Yes, for the second time you catch hints you haven't seen earlier. And for the third... :happy:

I'm going to read it for the fourth or fifth time.

I'm deciding between reading from the beginning or just rereading favourite parts :unsure:

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