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Hey all! Just a crazy girl from Canada eh! :biggrin: Love the series, long time fan! Big time nerd as well :rolleyes: lvoe the fantasy and sci-fi genres, love to read and take pics and the occasional cross-stich. Oh and Charis ..not my real name lol! It's Nicole! But Charis is pretty so :smile:

Anyways, glad to be here, hello and good bye!

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well we might end up calling you Delphi because we already have a Charis Sedai :P that's ok we have a" wolf" and a "wolfbrother" who both go by wolf... Things just slightly more confusing :P


I also cross stitch :)


Welcome to dm!!!



Which book are you on? Which parts and characters are your favorites?


If you have any questions feel free to ask :)

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Guest Nyanko_Susu

heartily welcome to DM! trust me, it's fun around here and people are great, so make some posts and make some friends.


fantasy rocks and TWoT all the more!


have a good time! :laugh:

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There is another Charis here *gets the Balefire* lol jokes! And yes Delphi as In Oracle of Delphi..I also love greek myths.

And fav character...hmmm Elayne I think she makes me wanna pull my hair out less than the others !

Least fav is the Seanchen in general..they creep me out.

And as for what book i am on, I have read the series and few time, re-reading now on eye of the world, right at the begining :D

thanks for the warm welcome

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Hello Charis! a pleasure to meet you! I like Elayne's character as well. I think she has the more believable character development. She DOES drive me batty but mostly for her rothers. Good lord is Gawyn not the biggest pain ever? If you are fabs of Halloween you should all come by the White Tower Monday and check out this party goin on!

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