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Good Evening


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Hopefully you're reading this in the evening, if not get back to work/sleep/productive activities (this is for your own good, believe me), or if its the weekend, disregard the previous statement.

About me... I am an 18 year old male living in the Washington DC area. Discovered WOT this summer, working on my second readthrough at the moment, but I've been slowed by school and college apps :'( bleh. I like reading, playing drums, playing video games, writing code, and nearly anything computer related, and math. I also despise those wheel of time comics... just don't like the look of things in them.

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Welcome aboard Nicook5! I'm from the DC area as well, so always happy to have another local to talk to. We definately have some common interests, so hit me up @the Warders in the White Tower SG, Aiel SG , or Band of the Red Hand SG sometime. Always happy to meet new friends and WOT fans. :cool:

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There's also some math people in the black tower social group (find Leyrann or Crimson_Ayla :P )


Welcome to dm!!!


Just discovered over the summer and already on your second read through??? Nice :) (I like this kid...)


Which parts and characters are your favorites?


If you have any questions feel free to ask :D

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AAARGGH THREADS!!! You did it again!!! *sniff*


Welcome to DM, Nicook! :)


Actually I'm reading this 8 a.m. lol (waiting for school :P) :rolleyes:


My question was just STOLEN so I have to get a new one...


What WoT nation do you like the best?


Feel free to ask if you've got any questions about DM!


I hope you'll like it here!!

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My favorite nation is definitely Carhein, not entirely sure why =P. For favorite characters... I think I'd have to go with Nynaeve, Mat, and Moiraine (can't choose D:). As for least favorite... I've noticed this seems to be a bitterly debated topic, Egwene or Gawyn >_>. I didn't really dislike her until Towers of Midnight when her and Gawyn annoyed me.

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