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Introducing Myself


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Good day.


I live in England, near Cambridge. I enjoying reading fantasy and pen and paper Roleplaying games, unfortunately I work full time so I what little time I have I dedicate to my interests.


Thankfully someone always comes up with a great idea, audiobooks. I am able to listen to my favorate books while I work, exercise or drive. My one rule is not to listen to a book till I have read it first. Just started the Wheel of Time series again.


You would not be here if you did not like stories, so heres the story of how I came to the Wheel of Time.


My love of the Wheel of Time books begin in Aug 1993. I found out that I had broken my leg about a month and half after breaking it. Due to the time it had had healing they did not want to plaster it but said I would have to stay off it for about one month and stop sports and physical activities for about six months. I was a athelete and this was very upsetting. I had always enjoyed fantasy books, my father read the Lord of the Rings to me and my sister as bed time stories. I enjoyed them but only when I could not be active. So stuck on the bench for about six months, what are you to do? I turned to books. I had a copy of David Eddings Belgariad Pawn of Prophecy sitting on my shelf. I devoured the book in about a day. I needed more, so I sent my father to get the rest of the books. In about 2 weeks I read the entire series of The Belgariad and The Malloreon. Lets say that a fire that had burned down to embers was rekindled with an all consuming thirst. I went to the bookshop myself and looked through their shelves and found The Wheel of Time: The Eye of the World, The Great Hunt and the Dragon Reborn. The covers looked interesting. I read the three twice over the coming weeks. I was hooked; such an interesting world with characters who were not looking for greatness but had the future of the world placed upon their shoulders. (when they and others did not want to admit it) Over time picked up the what they were given and getting on with it. I can respect that and I think it is what most endeared me to the series.

It changed my life much to my fathers chargrin. I stopped being so active and turned to books and later RPGs. Thats why Robert Jordan and David Eddings will always have a special place in my heart; for rekindling that fire.


I suppose the next question to answer is what is my favorate book and characters. That is a difficult question. I have enjoyed all the books and would not want to choose one above the others. But I always enjoy most the book that brings me to a series; The Eye of World because its where it all begins for me and them or is it just a moment along the wheel that has come before and will again. Does that mean I have read the books in another life in ages past and will again in those to come. I think I will love them each time anew.


I have the same problem here, I'm like a me in a bookstore. If I had to choose my favorites characters would be Rand al'Thor, Mat Cauthon, Perrin Aybara. I enjoying watching there development into who they are distined to be, but the same goes for most of the younger characters who are constantly growing and changing. I enjoy the time I spend with all of them, each has nuances to their character that endears them in different ways.


I hope you are still awake. Thats a little, or maybe a lot about myself.

Looked forward to talking with you all in the future.

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Welcome to DM!!


There's a lot of fun stuff going on around the place. The General Wheel of Time boards are good if you want to talk just the books. Then the Social groups give you a wide variety of exciting places to be. Currently, I am only active in the White Tower social groups. I currently hold the position of Green Ajah Sitter there. If you'd like to come over and check out the Warders side there please do. :)


Also we have a Role Playing group. I am currently the ADL or Assistant Division Leader, for the WT RP group, with two Green Aes Sedai characters to play as well. So i'm really busy all the time around here. *ggls* Sounds like you are really busy yourself but welcome anyway and whatever you do the people are really great.


One more thing be sure to read the Dragonmount Code of Conduct it should give you a good idea of the rules around the place. :) Other then that have fun exploring and enjoy DM. Hopefully i'll see you around.

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Welcome to dm!!!!


Which parts are your favorites in particular? I get that you like the overall scope and development of the story, but if you had to choose one favorite part, which would it be?


Hope you love it here as much as we do :D


If you have any questions just ask

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Welcome to DM, Bhelliom :biggrin:


I think David Eddings started me on the road to my fantasy obsession too, along with CJ Cherryh and Anne McCaffrey. None compare to RJ, though.


I'm absolutely fascinated by your story ... HOW on earth did you break your leg, and not KNOW it?? :unsure:

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