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With thanks to The Creator


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Hello Everyone,


I thought it was about time to say hi instead of continually lurking in the shadows of Dragonmount :smile:


An avid reader my whole life, yet I've never before felt almost compelled to put my heart on my sleeve and offer thanks to all of you who show like passion.


I came to WoT shortly before The Creators passing, and although it doesn't seem enough...my heartfelt thanks RJ for many hours of enjoyment losing myself in your vision.


It's my 3rd read-through the series to date, and I know WoT is a friend i'll continue to return to until the dream ends.


Take care all.

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Welcome to dm!!!! I'm glad you finally decided to join us


Dm is a great place to share theories (discussion board), hang out as a community (social boards) or write your own adventure in RJ's world (rp boards).


If you have any questions feel free to ask! I'll either answer your question or try to guide you to someone that will :D


So who's your favorite character and what parts are your favorites?


And sorry this is kinda late--it's been a busy last few days!!!

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Welcome to DM, Fitch!


Yeah, lurking may be fun, but it's really so much nicer when you can be part of DM yourself. I was a long-time-lurker too. :laugh:


So, is there any WoT character you dislike? Or a scene you don't like? You've read it through so many times that there can't be very many scenes like that... :biggrin:


Hope you will like DM!!

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Welcome to Dragonmount! I remember the day it was announced that RJ passed away and it was indeed a very sad day. But it's always nice to see more people being pulled into the world of WoT. It honors his name, IMO. And his life work. ^_^


I know many have offered before me, but if you have any questions or just want to chat, you're always welcome to send me a private message. :whitecloak:






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