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The great procrastinator....


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I've been in passionate love with WoT since 2006, or 2007...can't remember when I first picked up Eye of the World, but I can remember only putting it down to sleep or shower (I ate while I read.)


I've been blessed with two children since then, putting me at a grand total of three, so I don't get to read like I used to. Unfortunately, I haven't picked up Knife of Dteams in 6 months....but it calls my name every time I pass the bookshelf.


I feel like I'm about to be left out of a massive, almost spiritual experience. Brandon Sanderson labors diligently on AMoL, and I am far behind. (I may fall victim to spoilers here, I fear.) My hope is that by mingling with like-minded followers, the desire to catch up will overpower the never-ending chores that have taken presenence since darling #3.


I'm excited to be here!

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What a lovely intro post! Welcome to DM, Shannon :biggrin:


I'm afraid you'll probably encounter spoilers everywhere you go, but obviously less at the Social groups. At the Role Playing side, you'll have to have read up to a certain point in the books (about book 10, if I remember off hand correctly) to make any sense of what's going on, but we don't sit around discussing specifics very often, so also less likely to be spoilered.

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Welcome to DM, Shannon! You sure have a wonderful name! :biggrin:


Wow! You sure can handle the words beutifully!

Elgee and Pankhuri are right, spoilers can be avoided if you don't use the general discussion so much. I haven't met one spoiler in social groups and I haven't read the whole series either. :tongue:And sometimes there are good spoiler warnings. Not always, though.


If you want to ask something about DM, don't be afraid to do it.


Your excitment makes me feel happy too and I hope you will like it here!

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Thanks to all who have welcomed me!


I'm barely into Knife of Dreams, not even past the prologue (oh, how RJ loved his prolgues), but I aim to be submerged in the book at some point today. We shall see...


It will be a bit difficult to avoid discussions, but even if I am confronted with a spoiler, my experience shall not be spoiled. It's the way the story plays out that hooks me, so learning details I was otherwise unaware of will not deter me. :)

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Welcome to Dragonmount Shannon!!


Spoilers are discouraged, but they're not THAT horrible. My best friend let things slip here and there and I was still all WOOO WAAAAH! when I read about it lol Still, employ caution and I'm sure you'll get by :)


If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!






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