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Perrin and Fain in AMoL


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I'm the middle of my first reread of tSR since reading Towers of Midnight, and I've just come to the Dain Bornhald pov which reveals that the slaughter of Perrin's family was Fain's work. It's always irked me that it seemed like the series would with Perrin never discovering who was really behind behind the attack on the Aybara farm. It just dawned on me, however, that the stage is finally set for Perrin to learn the truth. Bornhald, the only other named character in the series other than Fain who for sure knows about the murder of Perrin's family, is now part of Perrin's inner circle after the events of ToM. I'm going on record that this absolutely must lead to Dain telling Perrin the truth. In fact, Bornhald's character has previously been used in a strikingly similar situation. His off-screen reveal of Morgase's abuse to Galad directly led to Galad seeking out and confronting Eamon Valda, in the prologue of KoD.


Now, I guess I'd be satisfied with just Perrin learning the truth and gaining a bit closure since he'd probably a tad outmatched in a confrontation with Fain. Or would he be? (Que the vastly more speculative part of this post...)


Consider the following quote from Fain:


"I must do what I do in secret." It was a whisper, almost a hiss. "The Shadow can enter men's minds to find me out, enter men's thoughts and dreams. Would you like to die in a dream? It can happen."


The Shadow Rising, Chapter 31, Assurances

Paperback, p.508


I realize that it's going out on a limb to assume that Fain is referring to anything other than his intimate knowledge of the Shadow's other resources, and none of Fain's known abilities have any connection to T'A'R; that's Slayer's domain. BUT, if one considers the possibility, the passage quoted above really smells like Fain threatening Bornhald with threats that Fain could personally make good on. Afterall, Dain had just struck Fain in the mouth, and the last time we saw that happen (Turok's servant in The Great Hunt) Fain immediately decided how the man would die and followed through. If Fain were to have some kind of presence in T'A'R, then Perrin would actually have a means of meeting him on a much more leveled playing field.



I'll stop there since I mean this thread to be more about speculation of future Fain/Perrin interactions than of Fain's powers. Also, it's late and things like grammar and spelling are becoming increasingly more difficult. =p



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Good pickup Chel. If there is a road to Fain's death before the climax, I think you are right - it's Perrin that meets him there.


But I've made the point on this forum and hold to it. I believe Fain is this epic's Gollum. He appears fated to do something self-serving that will ultimately serve the light / lead to victory at The Last Battle. Understand, I am NOT talking about redemption. Only a wrench in the works.

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I'm putting my money on Fain as the Dark One's replacement after the Last Battle between Dragon and DO. He might do something noteworthy, such as killing one or more of Moridin's three women (Lanfear, Moghedien, Graendal), but I see that as little more than a showcasing of his power before being trapped in whatever was meant for Rand.

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As soon as Dane Bornhald joined Perrin's army with the Children, the setup was clear to me.


Dane comes clean with the truth about his family.

Perrin's enhanced senses to see through Fain's illusions, his Hammer to break through Mash and most importantly, in line with his role and character, Justice for his family.

Don't forget it will most likely be the second time Perrin saves Rand.


All tied up in a neat little bow :wink:

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